In-store product ads This ad format makes it possible to offer products available in stores by connecting a dedicated feed to the various physical points. More specifically, in-store product ads are used to showcase your products and provide Aruba Email List about your store to users who search nearby on Google. When a user clicks on your ad, they are redirected to a page dedicated to your store and hosted by Google, called the “storefront page”. On this page, internet users can: consult the stock consult the opening hours of your store find out how to get there and get lots of other information.

Local Inventory Ads Advantages Promote your in-store inventory : thanks to in-store product ads, you will be able to tell local buyers that your store has the item the user wants, when they search on Google. Showcase your store on the internet : Use your store’s storefront page on Google to effectively showcase your online store. Measure performance : you will be able to assess the impact of your online ads on traffic and sales within your store. Availablity In-store product announcements are effective in certain physical brands located in Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, United States, France, Japan, United Kingdom and Switzerland.


Consult The Opening Hours Of Your Store

Do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants for more information and to assist you in the creation of your local inventory ads. Inbound Marketing Tools As we saw earlier, setting up an inbound strategy can be time consuming and requires work on all fronts. In this context, the use of tools can help you improve your productivity and automate certain tasks . Here is an overview of the most effective inbound tools: Hubspot is software specialized in inbound marketing. It offers a complete and easy-to-use solution. It allows you to accurately analyze your actions and their impact.


Create efficient landing pages, monitor and manage the noise generated by your brand, or even manage and automate your editorial publications. Plezi : This French solution competing with Hubspot centralizes your content so you can manage it and monitor all its statistics. Segmented according to personas that you define, your messages are adapted to each target. Yoast SEO : Optimizing your blog posts for SEO can be very time consuming. If you are using the WordPress CMS, feel free to install the Yoast plugin. This tool will help you write content in line with search engine requirements.


Find Out How To Get There

HootSuite : this software helps you manage all of your social accounts (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter) and automate certain actions to save time. Using dashboards, you can track and analyze the performance of your posts. To conclude, the advent of inbound marketing has made it possible to renew the advertising approach in a context of over-solicitation and increased competition. Without replacing traditional promotional techniques, inbound marketing allows you to gain a better understanding of your customers , their needs and their purchasing journey.

From increasing the conversion rate to retaining your customers, it can generate real benefits for your business. , regardless of its industry. Do you want to set up an inbound marketing strategy ? The ID Interactive agency combines the best web marketing and SEO solutions for you to quickly develop your business leads and sales. For any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact our team. Micro-interactions are “small warm and human events which aim to surprise users”, they bring dynamism to web interfaces and create a surprise effect for users.

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