This tells Google that your Twitter account is not very active, or worse is a “fake”. My advice : a social media strategy must be played over the long term, with diligence, authenticity, relevance and high quality. You don’t need to go Togo Email List social media if you want to quit after a few weeks. It is worth being present on a social network and being active there on a daily basis. Mention of the brand’s name in Google News understanding the Google algorithm – Google News This criterion especially influences the big brands.

If they are mentioned in Google News, it is surely a clear signal to Google that this is a very popular brand. Here is an example above, for Tesla, the brand of electric cars. We can also imagine that a brand listed on the stock market carries more weight than a private company. And Google has all of that information with Google Finance. My advice : for these last 2 criteria, my advice is simple. Grow your business to the point that your brand becomes known and appears in the press regularly.


Why Work On Your Local Seo?

Easier said than done ! Conclusion on these few probable criteria to fully understand the Google algorithm Another 25 criteria to take into account to understand Google’s algorithm, which determines the order of search results on this search engine and therefore the position of your business site! These supposed criteria, mentioned here, mainly concern: Your presence on social networks, And the strength of your brand. Regular use of different social networks, publications, interactions send positive signals to Google. This activity shows the liveliness of your brand and Google naturally deduces that your content is up to date.


Social networks whose content is indexed by Google are therefore more legitimate to help you rank well on the search engine. On the other hand, your business exists as a trademark for Google when it is the subject of regular requests. In addition, to be considered as such, your brand must obviously have “business” or “professional” accounts on social networks. LinkedIn offers to link the profiles of people to a “Company” account. So ask your employees to clearly indicate on their profile the link with your company page to reinforce its authority.


Fill In Your Business Listing On Google My Business

Then launch the search to obtain the list of subjects that Internet users type for your theme. For each question asked by Internet users, gives you a score out of 5 to find out if the subject is popular and if it is competitive. But also helps you improve your existing content. All you have to do is give it the URL address of one of your keywords, the target keyword and suggests words or expressions to add to your text to improve On page SEO. Very efficient for working on the semantics of your content . KWFinder – Find long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty is one of the latest entrants to the pool of keyword research tools. However, the features offered by KWFinder, certainly make it one of the best keyword research tools.

KWFinder provides all the important keyword data including difficulty level to let you find an easy way to rank for long tail keywords. With , it is one of the 2 tools that we recommend for beginners to go beyond simply consulting Google’s keyword planning tool. Ubersuggest – how to win the SEO battle is Neil Patel’s tool . It is far from perfect, but it is constantly evolving and improving day by day. With you get access to all the long tail keywords that can be used in your web contents. You can use this tool to get lots of blog post ideas that will stimulate your creativity.

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