The year 2020 has turned out to be very special with the global COVID-19 pandemic and a lockdown that has forced the world to change its ways. The web has taken off in particular since this period. Indeed, it has become the only window open to others, the rules of social distancing and protection tending to keep people away. These Indonesia Email List have had an impact on web search and Internet user behavior. This has not escaped Google, or SEO consultants who analyze the web from every angle. With that in mind, I hastened to talk to Sandra , our angel expert in web writing, to find out what she thought: Internet users increasingly want to support local shops. And Google has understood this well.

In fact, local SEO takes an important part in the SEO strategy in 2021. So, now let’s see how to work on your local visibility. Contents [ display ] The evolution of geolocated search and its SEO impact The evolution of geolocated search and its SEO impact Concretely, what has really changed in the behavior of Internet users? The rules during confinement, semi-confinement, curfew … have limited: People’s movements by reducing the distances that can be covered, But also the time when you can be away from home. Another data to take into account: the coronavirus is very contagious, especially in confined spaces where many people live, has greatly reduced the presence in stores.


The Creation Of Publications

In fact, people have changed their consumption and socialization habits: We prefer the small local grocery store to the hyper on the outskirts of town, We learn more from home about products and services before going to the store or for maintenance, We try to group outings and races on the same perimeter, We prefer the Click and Collect at times to choose from in the store … And all this happens first through the web, which provides us with all the useful and practical information. And of course, it is the geolocated search that will make it possible to find the answers to Internet users. If the pandemic had a boosting effect on geolocated referencing, note that this had already been booming for many years.


Indeed, figures being more telling than a long speech, here is an infographic from Fruit Numérique which perfectly illustrates the evolution of local SEO trends in recent years. Computer graphics by Fruit Numérique which perfectly illustrates the evolution of local SEO trends in recent years All the indicators therefore show that local search is taking up more and more space in queries. You must therefore take this into account for your 2021 SEO strategy, if you have not yet implemented it. The question now is how to do it? 1st tip: geolocated keywords in the content 1st tip: geolocated keywords in the content Content is needed again and again in 2021. Indeed, it remains king on the web.


Conclusion On Local Seo And Geolocated Keywords

So, by focusing your editorial calendar on local search, now is the time to flesh out the pages of your site with geolocated content. But beware, the impact is not the same on mobile, computer or tablet. You must therefore do a study to make the choice of geolocated keywords that will allow you to clearly indicate to Google where your store is located or in which city or district you are operating. A geolocated keyword is the concatenation of your sector of activity and your city, with all the possible variations. Examples to make it clearer? You are walking around Paris.

It’s noon, you want a good restaurant (when they are open again). You type your request into Google and he takes out the entire list of “restaurants in Paris” that he has referenced in his shelves. Do you need a locksmith in Dijon? Google presents in its search results (SERP) all the locksmiths located in Dijon. On the SEO side, this means that you must include key phrases like “Dijon locksmith” or “Restaurant Paris” in your content. And you can even go further, by creating content on your neighborhood, in short, the geographic area around your establishment.

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