Such as accumulating fans through Japan Phone Number short videos, weibo, wechat public accounts, etc., and some anchors have become. Popular because of this. For example, li jiaqi in douyin is one of them, and you can also know from it. , just one method or method  Japan Phone Number will inevitably have some limitations, and it is necessary to constantly rely on new things to gain more exposure and traffic. 03 live selection user operation and product selection are. Like brothers. If you want to become a senior anchor with goods, you can’t do the first two points. Wei ya’s advantage is also that it has mastered the selection method suitable for users.

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Let’s start from four Japan Phone Number aspects. You must have your own methods and strategies for product selection, because the quality of product. Selection often determines the quality. Also, and conversion rate of live broadcasts. What kind of product to choose Japan Phone Number and how to choose, for wei ya’s team, it is printed in the rules like a formula. First, personally test good products . For wei ya, personal testing is the most important point. She has also established a professional. Selection team and formulated a strict. Also, selection process. For example, after each selection is pre-screened , each product that is finally selected will be tried, tasted, and played one by one to ensure that it is really easy to use.

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Japan Phone Number

Delicious, and fun, and then decide Japan Phone Number whether to choose this product. Second, market popularity , that is, keeping up with traffic points, such as new year’s day, snacks festival, goddess festival, mid-autumn festival, etc. Specifically, such Japan Phone Number as what brand is popular in mid-autumn festival, what moon. Cakes are produced, etc., according to the needs of fans to choose the corresponding commodities, this is the market heat. Third, fans needs , through live communication, personal assistant accounts, wechat groups, etc. To understand what fans want to buy recently or find core customer groups, such. As what are the main age groups watching live broadcasts, what products are generally sold out, and after-sales what are the problems, etc. To judge the needs of fans.

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