Google shows different results for some purchase type queries. For example, if you are looking for a plane ticket, Google will prefer to show you directly what to buy your ticket on its Google Flight service . It’s going to be harder to struggle Tanzania Email List just web content. Fortunately, Google is not (yet) present directly in all sectors of activity. Local searches Local searches This is a very important point! For local searches, Google often places Google My Business pages above normal organic results.

Local SEO experts call it the Google Local Pack. Once again, the search engine outperforms results linked to its social network that few people use on a voluntary basis You see an example above, for a search on “paris lawyer”. My advice : you must have at least a properly informed Google My Business account for your business if you are targeting a local clientele, or carrying out local searches. AND to optimize your local SEO, respond to all comments and publish Google Posts regularly. Google News searches Some searches also trigger a Google News type result. These results are typically positioned above other organic results.


Why Does Google Use Lsi Keywords?

My advice : if your business lends itself to it, find relevant keywords for your business that are also in the news. In this case, post content on your site that deals with this news to get more traffic. For example, during the presidential campaign, if one of the candidates speaks about your industry, post an article on your blog that talks about your industry by adding keywords that refer to the candidate or his party. Preference given to major brands Since the update called “Vince” in 2009, Google has overweighted the results linked to “big” brands.


For example, if you are a perfume designer, the keyword “Jean-Paul Gaultier” is ranked in front of you, quite simply because it has been known for a long time! My advice : it’s a little “disgusting” for the brands that are launching themselves, I grant you that. Quickly become a reference brand in your niche. So here are the rules that Laurent advises our clients: Less than a second: it’s the best, Less than 2 seconds: that’s good! 4 seconds or more: we must act! My advice : Set your goal, as a first step, to be below the 2 seconds mark. Not to mention, the faster your site, the better.


Hummingbird And Lsi Keywords

How to know the speed of your website? How to know the speed of your website? You think your business’s website speed is okay. Indeed, everything is going well on your computer. But be careful ! Your browser (Chrome or otherwise) stores websites locally as soon as you visit them. This way, it can present the pages to you faster if you revisit them. As a result, as I imagine you frequently visit your own website on your computer, it is visible almost instantly.

On the other hand, an Internet user who visits your website for the first time does not necessarily have the same experience. Know the speed of your site on a computer To find out how fast your website is, run a test on an online service. The 3 free services that stand out are: Pingdom, GT Metrics, Speed ​​Insights page. Know the speed of your site on a computer Pingdom is a free online tool that gives the loading speed of a web page from different locations around the world. Pingdom also gives you the causes of slowdowns. GT metrics is another popular tool for measuring website speed that also offers recommendations for optimizing your website performance.

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