Loews hotels & co streamlining engagement. Simplifying workflow engaging with potential and current guests is as important to loews hotels & co as maintaining oversight and optimizing efficiency. “our hotels are in the epicenter of their destinations. And we really want to build communities around them—it’s part of the ethos of the company.” kopec said. “whether it’s answering customer service questions or responding to an inquiry. We want to make sure we’re visible. Available and relevant on the social channels our customers are using.” this focus on customer care is vital. As social is the no. 1 channel for addressing customer service issues among millennials. And the no. 2 channel overall. Additionally. 50% of consumers will boycott a brand if they receive poor responses on social. And 38% expect brands to respond to their inquiries within 5 hours.

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Loews hotels image “with sprout we are able to get all VP Business Development Email List social messages in a single location. And not only see who we need to respond to. But know what actions have already been taken by other team members.” kopec said. “that level of collaboration and visibility across multiple people wasn’t something we had before and was something we were really looking for.” in addition to helping the company stay on top of incoming social messages. Sprout’s smart inbox empowers loews hotels & co to monitor keywords. Hashtags and locations to discover unique engagement opportunities. Along with sprout’s publishing. Analytics. Listening and advocacy tools. These features helped the company consolidate the number of different softwares it was using in favor of an all-in-one approach. “previously we had a social management tool and a separate analytics tool.” kopec said. “having everything live in a single location.

VP Business Development Email List

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That was a big value proposition for us.” we use social listening to look for a lot of different things. The happiest of them all. Obviously. Is identifying opportunities to surprise and delight our guests. Simon kopec director of social media & content strategy. Loews hotels & co identifying opportunities. Serving customers social listening in particular has been a major focal point for loews hotels & co. Using sprout’s advanced listening tool. Companies are able to tap into the world’s largest and most diverse focus group to evaluate brand health. Discover competitive insights. Access industry intelligence and more. All by analyzing publicly available social conversations. “we use social listening to look for a lot of different things.” kopec said. “the happiest of them all. Obviously. Is identifying opportunities to surprise and delight our guests.” kopec shared a recent example in which a woman tweeted at her friend about visiting a theme park in orlando.

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