Consideration phase: remarketing helps you re-engage people who have just learned about your brand. Present these people with your solutions. Interactive experiences will help your leads find a personalized solution that better solves their problems, and at the same time, you will win new potential customers.
Decision phase: remarketing is also a great strategy here. You have, in general, the contacts of the lead, therefore, you can segment facebook and linkedin to show ads only for people who visited some important content that you sent by email, for example.

Get your users to immediately engage with facebook ads

making sure your landing pages align with your creations is vital when setting up your ads. Here’s how you can create conversion campaigns on facebook and instagram that immediately engage your audience and seamlessly guide them to your content experience.

Carousel ads
carousel ads can be used to present the interactive experience. A cta on the Mexico WhatsApp Number List last card can prompt the user to continue with the experience. Set “conversions” as your campaign goal, so you can track results and optimize your ads in the future.

Presenting your experience through a carousel

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can give your potential customers a better idea of ​​what to expect on your page and improve clicks.

Polls ads / survey ads
survey ads can drive user interaction to continue with the content experience, so define some “conversion” as the goal of the campaign.

You’ll direct your leads to the experience after responding to the group. Then you can put into practice the power of gifted progress theory , which says that people tend to continue working toward a goal they’ve already started working toward.

Linkedin ads and interactive content: quality lead generation
linkedin feed ads are similar to facebook feed ads, so your interactive content promotion strategy will take a similar approach.

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