Another interesting fact: during the holiday season in 2017, 78% of shoppers did some research online before going to a store (source Think With Google ). Finally, according to Google, more than 200 million businesses are present on Google Maps, and around 9 billion “connections” are made between consumers and merchants each month New Caledonia Email List . Now you have a better understanding of why it’s so important for your business to be visible on Google Maps. Not being registered on this platform or having a My Business listing with incorrect information can be costly for your business .

To manage your online presence and in particular their local referencing, regularly update your listing on Google My Business . With a Google My Business account, local businesses and businesses make sure their business details are listed correctly on all Google platforms. These details include: Not only the essentials: Name, Address, Phone, But also, the URL of your website, your opening hours, photos … In addition, you get feedback on your quality of service with the opinions left by Internet users. But Google My Business isn’t the only online directory.


How To Create A Strong Brand Around Your Youtube Channel


On the same subject : Local SEO: one of the major SEO trends of 2021 Online directories Local SEO – Online directories Before booking a table in an Italian restaurant, you may read customer reviews on La Fourchette or TripAdvisor… Moreover, Google simplifies your life by integrating the opinions of certain directories in its result pages. Indeed, many Internet users rely on reviews on online directories when it comes to knowing where: Where to eat the best burger, Where to drink the best coffee, Or which museums to visit. This is a key advantage for companies controlling their digital presence. By effectively managing your online presence and ensuring that your listings are up to date, you increase your chances of finding a whole new clientele .


You’ve probably read the reviews on sites like TripAdvisor for the perfect spot for lunch on a city trip. Without these online directories, you probably would never have discovered this little restaurant. Conversely, you may have seen the local bistro frequented only by locals suddenly swarmed with tourists because of the glowing comments posted on the internet. In both cases, these companies benefited from the changes brought about by Google Venice . On the other hand, the update also had very negative effects for the weak companies.


Weapons Are What Will Allow You To Successfully Complete Your Mission.

A business with poor customer service that doesn’t pay attention to its customers’ online reviews can quickly rack up negative reviews and see their online reputation deteriorate. Whereas, well managed, a negative review can become an asset . Right now, mismanaging your presence in online directories isn’t just about not attracting new customers, it can even drive them away from your website . And concretely, what does Local SEO mean for your business?

And concretely, what does Local SEO mean for your business? Now that you understand the ins and outs of Google Venice, make sure you have an effective strategy for working your local SEO and online directory presence. Small and medium-sized businesses have never had so many possibilities to: Expand their customer base, Make their brand known, And increase their visibility . All this was previously reserved only for companies with large advertising budgets. Nonetheless, it is a double-edged sword.

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