Seo is. . One of the biggest pain points for writers. No need to hide. None of us like it. I know and I understand. We are writers and what we like is writing. We don’t like to promote our work and. Most of us. We don’t like to have a blog and think about the keywords that position us as writers.
The problem is that no matter how much you resist. If you want to have visibility and that your readers find you. You are going to have to jump through hoops. That is what has led me to write the manual keywords for writers with which you can learn everything you need about keywords . Do you want to know more?
Keywords. Seo and blogs for writers
I have Egypt Phone Numbers  not always been a writer or editor. Before all this I had a regular job (well. I had a lot of regular jobs to make ends meet). In case you didn’t know. My studies also had nothing to do with seo. ; I am a social anthropologist by training. Specializing in philosophy and ethics.
The problem is that I never managed to find a job “of my own”. I would have loved to be on an ethics board at a hospital or a big company. But things hardly ever go as expected. Right? In case you’re wondering. I ended up running a brewery.

Marketing or copywriting

I loved my job. But the crisis came along with a problem of neighborhood complaints. Which led me to close my business. For a long time (a long. Long. Long time) I did not find a job. I ate up my savings and found myself without many options.
Since I had a lot of free time. I started writing. A hobby that I always had and that I had left aside. I didn’t know what to do with my texts. So I started a blog on blogger. No one read to me and I wrote from grapes to pears.
I opened and closed several blogs in a period of two or three years. They were all a mess. Largely because I didn’t care about them either. I’d create them. Find a cool template. Write a couple of weeks (or days) on them. And forget about it. But the comments kept coming; people liked what he wrote.
No rules. Just write

Egypt Phone Numbers
That was a beautiful time. I wasn’t worried about seo. Since he didn’t have the slightest idea what he was. He didn’t worry me what he wrote. He was very naive; did it in a clumsy and somewhat ornate style.

It was that naive essence that I liked the most. Many times I have thought how nice it would be to recover that childhood spirit… That finger painting again. But you have to know how to evolve and mature.

I liked to write and I

One of the many blogs was called caníbal y rey . Alluding to a very famous book in the anthropological field. I started writing about anthropology. A subject that I love. And I really started to grow. People liked my texts. My stories and my way of writing. So I thought: “could I make a living with this? Would I be able to get a salary with a blog?»
I started looking for information on the internet about how to manage a blog. The first thing I discovered in those searches was seo. And I must be the weirdest guy. Because unlike most of you. I fell in love immediately.
I loved keywords. It was almost a scientific work. Like the one that was carried out with the rosetta stone and that allowed to unveil the mysteries of the egyptian hieroglyphs. It was about finding the exact words that users were using to find my content on google.










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