Inclusive & diverse recruiting I can’t substantiate it scientifically, but hey, for the first time in my career I have the feeling that diverse and Portugal Phone Number inclusive recruiting is no longer a hype. Much is said and written about it and the subject has been and will remain on the table. It’s the new standard and it should have Portugal Phone Number been for years (perhaps the BLM movement contributed to this). Image with ‘including recruiting’ as a trend. Labor Market & Recruitment Trends 2021 1. The market Hybrid? Yes hybrid! Welcome to the hybrid labor market, dear people.

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If you want to remember one thing Portugal Phone Number from this blog as an HR or recruitment professional to be able to chat a bit with the daily stand-up, then it is the Hybrid Labor Market. (Oh yes, and of course also remember not to Portugal Phone Number buy sandalwood incense from the Action anymore). I’m going to try to explain it in just 12 sentences: Many candidates will come onto the market in the coming years because the coronavirus hurts many Dutch companies. Many vacancies are coming onto the market, because half of the baby booming Netherlands is about to retire.

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Medical Equipment Portugal Phone Number

Simple story: retirement age. So vacancies Portugal Phone Number are not going to disappear at all. We still have a great challenge to fill vacancies in technology, care, education and ICT. In the next 8 years, 1.9 million baby boomers will leave the labor market and only 1.6 million new employees will enter the market. For the fast calculators: we will Portugal Phone Number have a very tight labor market. Vacancies and applicants on the market match just as well as a magnet on a fresh lettuce. Not so. Bottom-line: we have to retrain a lot of people. If we structurally retrain many people in addition to traditional recruitment, then we will have two dominant types of influx into the labor market.

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