The false belief that by being successful South Korea Phone Number you are not being loyal to your family and friends A successful and rich life does not fit the environment where your cradle stood. Although you are successful, you are not South Korea Phone Number living up to what your parents expected of you. Growing as a person yourself might leave you behind (and abandoning) your family and friends. 3. The false belief that you are a burden to the world This belief makes you think that the more successful you become, the more you are a burden to South Korea Phone Number others. Growing your business may mean less time for your family and asking your parents to babysit for an extra day.

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While you feel that you would be a South Korea Phone Number much happier person and a nicer partner and mother or father if you can go wild in your zone or genius The false belief that you are especially not allowed to shine because you outshine South Korea Phone Number someone else ‘I better not become more successful, richer or happier because then I could surpass (name) and make him she feel bad.’ This often happens between siblings. One is better at something than the other, but soon finds out that he should not show off or enjoy it too much, because then the other will feel bad.

South Korea Phone Number

Create A Mental Counterpart

A corrective look from mom or dad is often enough for this. Now that you’ve discovered the false beliefs you’ve come to believe, it’s time to let them go to your past. Been there, done that. Doesn’t work. Get rid of it! Now you are free to discover your zone of genius, because in this zone you want to be! Here are the activities that only you can do. Your unique gifts and qualities that not only benefit you, but also the people for and with whom you work or the company you work.

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