It is almost impossible to discuss Content  Senegal Phone Number List  Marketing without mentioning “quality content”. There is a good reason for this. Search engines are constantly exploring the Internet in search of new content in order to best meet the expectations of Internet users. And companies regularly publish new content to: Stand out from their competitors, Give search engines a good reason to come and explore their website, And keep their users engaged. Laurent keeps repeating: Quality content is difficult to write. So, some web editors or entrepreneurs are just looking to stick to their editorial schedule without worrying about what their users expect. All of this ends up making your visitors unsatisfied with what the search engines are watching closely.

Quickly, the website loses its positions. And the traffic drops since their content is not useful to their readers. I have often insisted on my design for quality content . In this article, I’m going to tackle the problem backwards: how to spot and then improve poor or low-quality content among all your existing content . Contents [ display ] What is poor or low quality content? What is poor or low quality content? For poor or low quality content, the Anglo-Saxons speak of thin content. Previously, a lot of content was posted for the sole purpose of manipulating the ranking of this page.

For Pages With Little Or No Original Content

Poor content brings no added value to the Internet user. This content is short, not authentic, and no effort has been made to make it useful and easy to read. Here are some examples of poor or low-quality content: The automatically generated pages, Satellite pages (doorway), The content sucked, Pages stuffed with keywords … Why is poor or low quality content bad for your SEO? One of the objectives of Content Marketing is to facilitate SEO. Indeed, SEO requires words, text and the easiest way is to publish content. But, as Google is getting smarter, if your content is of poor quality, it is bad for your SEO for at least 4 reasons: 1. The quality of your entire business website is degraded Indeed,


when Google evaluates the quality of a web page, it takes into account the quality of all the other pages published on your site present in its index. It’s mathematical. A website with a lot of poor content reduces its overall quality. And so, Google trusts you less. 2. Content is king, with or without SEO Content is king, with or without SEO To be well ranked in Google, the absolute rule is to publish quality content in accordance with the search intentions of Internet users. This is the only way to get to and stay on the first page of Google. I keep repeating it among the levers of Digital Marketing “ Content is king ”. A business website with great content always has a better chance of ranking well in Google searches regardless of your SEO efforts. On the other hand, poor or low-quality content doesn’t .

For Product Pages Without Original Content

Users don’t like poor or low quality content Even if you manage to get a good position on Google with poor content, there is no point. This is because users aren’t going to spend time on your business website and never come back. In other words, intentionally posting low-quality content to improve your rankings is a waste of time. And if by “luck” it seems to work today, it is often temporary. With the dozens of changes that Google makes to its algorithm each year, you will sooner or later be penalized by suddenly losing your rankings. And in the worst case scenario, you may even be penalized or even banned entirely from Google. 4. Google may give you a spanking penalty Since the update of Google’s algorithm , called Panda, the search engine has been able to assess the quality of the pages.

Thus, the algorithm identifies low quality pages and goes so far as to remove them from its index. And if your website has too many low-quality pages, it may even receive a penalty. My advice : To find out if your website has been penalized by Google, go to Search traffic> Manual actions of your Google Search Console. If you see this “ Uninformative content of little or no interest ” message , that content does not pass Google’s quality standards. What does Google want? What does Google want? Obviously, posting poor or low-quality content is not the right solution. What exactly can be done to please Google? In short, Google seeks to highlight content that perfectly meets the requests of Internet users. Thus, it is sure that Internet users will be loyal to it. In short, don’t try to please Google, but your personas


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