But you can also zoom in on Jordan Phone Number what you did to: to help others not to discuss but to have a conversation to stay healthy Show ownership in conversations you participated in. Image from the Theme Journal. Image from the Theme Jordan Phone Number Journal. Score yourself In addition to the daily reflection, journals are also interesting for scoring some aspects in which you want to become better over several days. With those Jordan Phone Number scores in a row, you can see trends in which you may include actions.

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Make a matrix with in one column the items you score on a daily basis and then a column for each day of the week. When doing daily checks, keep in mind: Have I taken enough steps? Are the main tasks done? Did I deny myself something today? Have I avoided conflict? Is my screen time good? Have I advanced projects sufficiently? Have I taken the initiative? Have I been attentive? Have I made new contacts? Have I been available enough to others? Did I ask questions to clarify issues? Image from the Theme Journal. Image from the Theme Journal.

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Microphone Glass Of Water

I have adjusted those daily checks a number of times. For example, ‘Deny something every day’ and ‘Just get coffee or petrol at gas stations’ quickly improved and that daily check was superfluous. They were replaced by more sophisticated checks on nutrition, such as ‘Dinner is the last thing I eat’ and ‘Healthy lunch’ and ’10k steps a day’ CPG Gray also has an explanation video about the theme journal Building new routines Habits are pretty much the holy grail of productivity. After all, what could be easier than a habit? You do them automatically and effortlessly.

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