Microsoft Advertising: More Clarity in Ad Performance Reports Microsoft Advertising, formerly Bing Ads, now offers clearer data on the performance of ads appearing in Bing search results. In order to optimize your performance as Cameroon Email List as possible, it is indeed important to understand where your ads appear on the search results pages. Why ? To help you diagnose fluctuations in ad performance. To alert you for the purpose of making changes to your auctions. Integration of new measures in performance reports Microsoft Advertising says,

“The new importance metrics will make it easier for you to understand where your ads appear on search results pages. ” Now Microsoft Advertising offers insights that will provide clearer insight into where your ads are placed within search results pages. The objective: to optimize your performance as much as possible. Focus on the measures proposed by Microsoft Advertising To help advertisers better understand the position of their ads, Microsoft is introducing the following measures: High printing rate Impression rate high in the ranking Print rate high on budget Absolute high print rate Absolute high impression rate lost in the ranking Absolute high print rate lost in budget Microsoft Advertising Statistics Microsoft calls this “prominence statistics”, formerly known as “vote shares”.


Integration Of New Measures In Performance Reports

They can be viewed in the campaign, ad group, and keyword tabs. With one exception, the metrics Microsoft Advertising offers are almost identical to those of Google Ads. According to Microsoft, “Adding these new metrics and removing some metrics, like auction lost impression rate, relevancy, and estimated CTR, brings us closer to par with Google with one exception. “. The exception is the “Average Position” statistic, which Microsoft will continue to include in reports because of its value to users. Automotive digital marketing can be intelligently deployed on this medium via targeted e-mailing campaigns. Relatively simple, this process ensures high chances of engagement.


In 2018, the most effective digital marketing method in terms of ROI in the automotive industry was the email campaign. The main reasons for this are the personalization of the mails and their low cost. Appropriate segmentation is necessary by constituting different groups among prospects according to their profile. Personalized emails for everyone ensure a significant open rate and conversion rate. If used wisely, the e-mailing campaign is a powerful tool in the service of digital communication for dealers. The mobile strategy for car dealerships AN ADAPTIVE AND EFFICIENT WEBSITE Globally, 54.5% of Internet users now prefer mobile devices (smartphone or tablet) to connect.


Focus On The Measures Proposed By Microsoft Advertising

These mobile users are a prime target for players in the automotive market. Manufacturers have understood this perfectly and have adapted their online presence to attract these potential customers. Almost 95% of automakers have responsive websites designed for optimal display on smartphones. The mobile strategy in car dealerships must do the same. A latest generation website designed to be viewed on all digital media has become crucial for professionals in the sector. In addition to improving natural referencing, an adaptive site meets all of mobile users’ expectations in terms of ergonomics and makes their purchasing journey all the easier.

Automotive digital marketing must fully consider the issue of user connection via mobile devices. Today, a dealership with a website that is not optimized for smartphone viewing would effectively lose a significant number of potential customers. Any internet strategy in the automobile must consider individuals on the move. Tools can be made available to them to attract them to the store, in particular by integrating a functionality for locating points of sale. INNOVATIVE TOOLS PROMOTING CONVERSION Why is mobile marketing in car dealerships so important? Quite simply because 25 to 30% of European customers are interested in buying a car online and the smartphone is their tool of choice.

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