Microsoft Advertising: new ad personalization tool Microsoft Advertising introduces ad customizations. With this new feature, your ads can dynamically update to appeal to specific customers. All it takes is downloading an ad personalization feed Cambodia Email Address tells Microsoft Advertising what information you want to include in your ads, and under what circumstances. Why use ad personalization feeds? Save time: With ad personalization feeds, you’ll be able to turn a single text ad into hundreds of variations of that single ad, without having to manually update the ad.

Create more relevant ads: Ads can be personalized based on what customers are looking for, when and what device they’re searching on, their location, and more. Achieve better results: Significantly higher click-through and conversion rates. Microsoft Advertising Explanation of the technical aspects of how ad customizations work Microsoft explains that “Ad personalizations are parameters in the ad copy that are replaced with dynamic text when the ad is displayed to the user. And that “The text values ​​are provided in the feed file and are selected based on the targeting defined in the feed.


Details On Ad Customizations Through Microsoft Advertising

” The ad copy settings follow this format: {= Feed Name. Attribute Name: Default}. Microsoft specifies that “If the name of your feed is ” Deals ” and [you] want to reference the custom attribute ” Product (text) “, the parameter would be {= Deals.Product}” Ads can be configured to change based on a number of targeting options: location, audience listings, device, search queries, time of day, and more. Different ad copies can be assigned to specific target placements, which will allow variations of the ad copy to be served depending on the location of the searcher.


Details on ad customizations through Microsoft Advertising The ad personalization setting can be referenced in all parts of large format text ads except the URL field. The default values ​​ensure that an ad is displayed exclusively even when an item in the feed is not selected. Default values ​​are optional, but they are strongly recommended. Importing Google Ads ads to Microsoft Advertising The Google Import tool is available to easily import ad personalization feeds and ads currently set up in Google Ads to make it easier to set up Microsoft Advertising.


About Ad Personalization Feeds

It is possible to schedule your Google import to ensure that your ad personalization feeds have the most recent updates. Currently, you can create and manage feeds through the Feed Management Tool in the user interface, the Google Import tool, and integration with the bulk API . In the coming months, Microsoft Advertising will offer the ability to schedule feed downloads from a URL. About ad personalization feeds How ad personalization flows work: An ad personalization feed is a spreadsheet. In this worksheet, each column is an attribute that tells Microsoft Advertising one of the following 2 things: Custom Attribute: What information about your products or services would you like to include in your ads. Targeting Attribute or Standard Attribute : Under what conditions each piece of information should be included in your ads. Note: this functionality has been deployed globally.

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