According to Microsoft Advertising, “Dynamic ads are a streamlined, low-human interaction method for people who search the Microsoft Advertising Network to find out about your products or services. Dynamic ads automatically target Cabo Verde Email List search queries based on the content of your site and are dynamically generated to match those queries. ” More specifically, Dynamic Search Ads – or Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) – help ensure that customers searching the Microsoft advertising network find your products or services more easily, now making Microsoft’s dynamic search ads. more comparable to those of Google Ads.

What is changing? Microsoft Advertising is updating its dynamic search ads with longer headlines and an additional description field. The objective: to boost engagement. More specifically, the new dynamic search ad format offered by Microsoft Advertising will make it possible to: Use an additional description field, for a maximum of two descriptions in total. Specify up to 90 characters for each of the two descriptions. Reap the benefits of longer, dynamically generated ad titles. Namely, “Dynamic ads automatically target relevant search queries based on the content of your site and are dynamically generated to match those queries.


What Is A Dynamic Search Ad?

Using them automatically creates targeted and relevant ads, reducing your workload and preventing you from missing out on great opportunities. Dynamic ads: Yes, but for whom? Dynamic search ads are particularly suitable for two types of advertisers: Advertisers who have a large catalog of web pages and an often renewed inventory of diverse and varied products , making it difficult to manage sponsored link ads for each product. In this sense, dynamic ads are a good answer to this management problem. Advertisers who are not familiar with search advertising, but want to quickly and easily include it in their digital strategy .


It is also possible to import your dynamic ad campaigns from Google Ads, create DSA campaigns using the API or take advantage of the publisher. The benefits of dynamic ads from Microsoft Advertising Thanks to the new possibilities available for dynamic search ads via Microsoft Advertising, you will be able to: Automatically create targeted and relevant ads : Dynamically create new ads for each search query based on your website content, or specific pages or categories on your website. Increase Keyword Coverage: Expand your search term coverage by identifying new queries used by potential customers.


The Benefits Of Dynamic Ads From Microsoft Advertising

Enrich existing campaigns : Enhance your existing digital ad campaigns with increased clicks and impressions. Find missed opportunities : Automatically adapt to new requests to drive additional conversions. Reduce your work tasks : via the automatic creation of announcements. With Dynamics Search Ads (DSA), keyword lists can be eliminated and the time spent creating or updating ad copy can be reduced. Note that this update is available in countries where dynamic search ad campaigns are supported: United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, and Australia.

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