Experts speak of KPIs for Key Performance Indicators or Key Performance Indicators. Even the best SEO agency cannot provide the best qualified traffic acquisition strategies without understanding the issues in your business and what you Turkmenistan Email List from it! 5. What are the competitive advantages of your brand? Sometimes, left aside by certain SEO specialists during an SEO audit, this question is used to specify the relevance of a page according to a user’s search and to optimize the conversion rate of your website. Indeed, depending on the competitive advantages cited, the targeted keywords and the content of the site will vary.

For example, a company that is positioned on the high end with products made in France is probably not targeting the same requests as a reseller of imported products who rather targets small budgets. 6 . Who are your target audience and your “target groups”? Who are your target audience and your “target groups”? As a SEO, it is very presumptuous to think that you know perfectly the audience of a client without asking even a confirmation. Even if the SEO expert has already worked in this sector of activity, the core target and the personas change greatly from one actor to another.


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As a reminder, in Marketing, a persona or buyer persona designates a target profile of a company, an archetype of prospect with socio-demographic criteria, an age group, a need, consumption habits and others. The notion of persona in SEO is very important. Indeed, with a persona, you precisely target the right levers to increase your visibility and your attractiveness to this specific target. Thus, keyword research, editorial strategy (blog article, videos, publications on social networks, etc.) or even the acquisition of backlinks (advertising-editorials, directories, forums, etc.) are refined according to your personas. to gain in efficiency.


On the same subject : How to improve your SEO with the semantic cocoon? 7. What products or services do you offer? Beware of SEO agencies that do not take the time to understand your industry, your profession and the specifics of your offer. Chances are they are missing out on opportunities altogether. In addition, it will be difficult to produce content optimized for search engines and especially for Internet users who do not have a detailed understanding of your business. Once again, the description of your offer is a good way to flesh out a study of keywords and enrich the content produced. 8. Who are your main competitors? Who are your main competitors? The question of competition is essential before embarking on an SEO audit.


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Indeed, a complete SEO analysis must include this notion and list the main competitors. However, there is a real difference between your business competition and the search engine competition . Some companies that you consider to be competitors may not appear in the main competitors in terms of SEO and vice versa. Others will appear when they do not represent real competition for you. Knowing the 2 types of competition (business and SEO) makes it possible to measure the forces present and to estimate the feasibility of the project. It is safer to aim for less competitive keywords, but with good potential (long tail), rather than generic keywords, very competitive, which bring volume, but very few conversions.

An SEO manager should not have eyes bigger than the stomach and the company must have the means to achieve its ambitions. 9. What are the resources dedicated to your website? Depending on the size of the company, the budget, the importance of SEO for your activity or its degree of maturity in Digital Marketing, the resources allocated for the management of the website and its SEO vary greatly. The site of an SME of about fifteen employees, which seeks to grab some market share locally, does not have the same resources as a large company known nationally, or even worldwide, or which generates most of its turnover. business through organic traffic.

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