We review the life and work of one of the most influential designers of the 20th century from the I my logo to his editorial work it is unusual, as a designer, to be able to say that not just one, but several of your works have become universal. However, that is the case of the american milton glaser new york, 19292020, whose influence in creative areas ranging from editorial design to branding , including interior design, is incalculable.

Founder of new york magazine and author of the I my logo, to name just a few of his accomplishments, glaser has been an inseparable part of design history. Milton glaser passed away of natural causes at the age of 91, on his birthday, june 26, 2020. Join us as we remember his legacy in this conversation we had with him in his new york studio, in which he reviewed some of the milestones of an unrepeatable race.


I Love New York: creating an unforgettable logo.

A lifetime designing glaser recounts that one night, when he photo retouching service was five years old, his cousin came home to take care of him. Do you want to see a horse he asked her. The designer thought that his cousin was going to take a horse out of the bag, when in fact what he did was take out a pencil and draw it. That was a kind of divine sign discovering that, with just a few tools, you could create something that did not exist, that only lived in the mind. It was such an impact that, to this day, I have not forgotten it. In 1954, after graduating from the cooper union in new york, glaser would found push pin studios together with other student friends, among whom were other names in design such as seymour chwast or edward sorel.

photo retouching service

The importance of teamwork.

There, and for years to come, he would work to BLB Directory redefine and expand the role of the designer and illustrator in a visual culture that would change forever in the decades to come. As early as 1966, glaser would design one of the most popular posters in music history the one that accompanied the bob dylans greatest hits album . Taking inspiration from a marcel duchamp selfportrait and the art nouveau movement, this poster remains an iconic object to this day. Milton glaser, iconic designer of I my, in domestika maestros 3 milton glaser, poster for bob dylans greatest hits, 1966.

Interpreting the artists hair as colorful, undulating spirals, reminiscent of psychedelic drugs, glaser contrasted saturated colors with a clear blackandwhite silhouette. In 1968, milton glaser designed another of his most famous posters this poster of the queen of soul, aretha franklin.

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