Stream webinar to a public streaming Netherlands Phone Number to a group can therefore have positive effects on your interaction. The disadvantage can be that groups can be very explosive in discussions. Is your webinar about a local Netherlands Phone Number and sensitive topic? Then you can count on many reactions, not all of which will be positive. It can also happen that the group suddenly runs off with all kinds of Netherlands Phone Number other topics. Then suddenly it is about broken lampposts or dangerous traffic situations. That way you quickly stray from the message you want to convey. You can prevent this by not streaming your webinar in a Facebook group. Participants in your webinar had to register and do so focused on the topic being discuss.

Completely Netherlands Phone Number safe from

Webinars can also  disrupt. This Netherlands Phone Number  call Zoom Bombing. Stream to a private group A safer way to stream webinar to Facebook is to do so in a closed group. This is possible if you are a member of a group as a person Netherlands Phone Number or congregation. It is most convenient to do this in a small-scale group with a clear theme, such as neighborhood groups or groups that deal with sustainability in the  Netherlands Phone Number municipality. This way you create value for specific target groups within the municipality and you prevent your webinar from turning left in one go. How do you bring attention to your webinar? Planning and organizing a webinar is one thing, attracting visitors is a nother story. To generate viewers and participants. Netherlands Phone Number


Advisable Netherlands Phone Number to promote

In addition to your own channels  Netherlands Phone Number and mailings, this can  effectively via a Facebook campaign in which you link to the registration page in through advertisements. You want people to see the event, get triggered, Netherlands Phone Number and indicate whether they participate in Facebook. through a social media campaign. Five meetings were organized via Zoom, which together attracted around 360 Netherlands Phone Number viewers. 18 people actively participated in the meeting about a zoning plan. These were bundled into blocks (at street level). The participants were allowed to participate in groups of 5 and the rest were asked to turn off the camera.
This way there is more interaction. “Technically everything went well and the participants.

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