The saying “out of sight, out of mind” rings true for a reason. We’re often drawn to people that we see more, and interactions don’t even have to be positive to have this effect. Psychologist Robert Zajonc this at length and this as the “mere exposure effect. The phenomenon that people are to like the people or things that they’re  Image Manipulation to more frequently.

So how does this tie into sales and marketing? If a prospect or customer sees you more often, you’re more likely to be at the top of their mind, in fact they may even think better of you and your company. But this is hard to do at scale if it means you to meet with each one of them in person. Fortunately, videos make this task far easier. In fact, companies that use Image Manipulation video to get in front of prospects can actually sell more. This is because video lets you convey complex information clearly and succinctly.

It’s a Medium That Lets You Show as Image Manipulation

It’s a medium that lets you show as well as tell.Most importantly, it allows you to have a face-to-face conversation. Image manipulation your prospects anytime (even if that face-to-face is happening asynchronously). Videos are the next best thing to meeting someone in person and there are.A number of great ways you can leverage them to drive new sales.Let’s explore five reasons why video is an increasingly important part of your marketing arsenal: 1. Create an Emotional Connection Most of the things we remember from our childhood are on one end of the spectrum—either really exciting  Image Manipulation or really scary. This is because we are all hardwired to remember events that are more . Good marketers know how to leverage this fact.

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You Need to Help People Feel Image Manipulation

You to help people feel an emotional connection towards your brand, and there’s no medium more emotional than video. This format lets you convey so much more than mere words. Your facial Image Manipulation expressions show people your excitement, your tone of voice tells a compelling story, and even your use of music helps people feel something when they watch your video. Look for different ways to leverage this emotional Image Manipulation opportunity. If you use case studies as part of your marketing mix, try a video case study. If your support team is interacting with customers via email,

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