The period is special, the first days  Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List  were devoted to taking the time to set up his new office, to manage emergencies (and for some his new colleagues of 3 or 7 years ). But now, the time has come to prepare for the future. Indeed, it is time to take the time to do what should be done, but which is always postponed because there is always more urgency. More than ever, digital will help you restart the machine tomorrow . You will notice that it allows some companies to continue part of their activities and others, which had taken a more radical turn, to take full advantage of this period. Thanks to digital, you will be able to meet your needs , whether it is to win new customers, reduce your acquisition costs , or even upsell and retain them and create value throughout its lifespan. Your teams are confined,

it is important to put them into action, to project them into the future, to be in the starting blocks when things start again. There will be a bonus for the fastest, the most efficient: now is the time to act. To help you, and to guide your teams, MV Group is launching a challenge: 30 days to go digital. 30 tips 1 advice per day = 1 action to do for your digital strategy Some take advantage of this confinement to play sports, others to cook… At MV Group, we offer you a unique digital recipe !03 2020 As you can imagine, my role as Happiness Manager is strongly impacted by the current situation. In this period of teleworking, I believe that my role is essential : working in confinement from home is a real challenge for many people

The Period Is Special, The First

and it is important that each employee feels supported and knows that we are at their side. I originally wanted to write an article to give you a list of tips to share with your collaborators. Finally, I noticed that the most effective was to inform you of the email sent on Tuesday to the 250 MV Group employees . If that can inspire you and give you some ideas. hapiness manager at his workstation Hello everyone, I hope everyone is well, that everyone has found their place of work for the coming period. I want you to be in the best conditions of well-being for this special and rewarding work week. So I have some advice for you. HOME OFFICE PRODUCTIVITY METHOD REMINDER: Create a real workspace at home. If possible where you will not be disturbed.


Personally, I am in a T3, my partner already occupies our office and often comes to the living room, so I installed an office in the bedroom so that everyone can breathe. Start the day with “the big toad”. That is to say the longest subject and which requires to be focused. For my part, tomorrow it will be the update of the HappyBook that I have to do since 1984 … The POMODORO method, simple to work efficiently. Do 20 minute high intensity sessions then 5 minutes break. For a task that takes 1 hour, cut it into 3 parts of 20 minutes. During breaks, ventilate yourself! It is not forbidden to go for a walk alone or to go for a run around your home (with compulsory certificate in PJ).

Good Challenge To Your Teams And Excellent

en the windows in the morning, at noon and at night to breathe. For my part, I make myself a tea that I drink on my balcony. COHESION: We already have two tools to keep the link at bay: Google Hangout and Google Meet. We also have everyone’s personal phone numbers on the trombinoscope. We are organizing a video coffee break with Hadrien and Olivier at 4 p.m. today for example. From tomorrow noon from 1:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m .: I am launching the “Google Meet Coffee”. Those who need it can log on to share a good time together. If it works and you find it useful, I’ll be on deck every noon. You will receive an invitation tonight and I will recur that invitation. I know some are home alone.

Op I will be available specifically for them in the evening. HEALTH (PHYSICAL ACTIVITY): Here is the type of exercise you can do: 7 Minute Workout (7 min) Recommendation from Florian B., you can also try this: Circuit training Hiit (25 min) You can go for a run or do your shopping near you 3-minute meditation with Christophe André: 3 minutes to meditate MV TEAM MOOD: Starting tomorrow: I will send our MV Team Mood happiness barometer on a daily basis for this week and then every 2 days next week. RED WIRE HAPPINESS: From 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. tomorrow morning: starting tomorrow, I am establishing a Happiness red thread for all employees. This means that I am available by phone or video whenever you want from 8:30 am to 10 pm.

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