After Rennes, Nantes and Lyon, MV  Bahamas WhatsApp Number List  Group is meeting up with start-ups on November 19, 2019 in another French Tech capital: Paris! In perpetual quest for digital innovation, MV Group is organizing a day on its premises to meet Parisian start-ups and discover their innovative solutions that can be complementary to our expertise or that of our clients. Are you a start-up wishing to accelerate its development and tell us about your solution? See you in Paris on November 19! Who are we and why this day?

MV Group supports companies in all sectors of activity and develops their business by exploiting the digital potential in a logic of optimized investment and efficient profitability. But with the help of what expertise? Expertise such as SEO , the paid search , social media or the data analysis and marketing automation. MV StartUp Day is a day mobilized to present your expertise. If it is selected, you will be able to list your offer and enrich the expertise that MV Group offers to its customers. Your only obligation: to provide “more business” for the agency’s clients. For MV Group, it is also allowing us to know the latest news and to strengthen our actions in innovation and R&D. All this,

Who Are We And Why This Day?

with the aim of providing ever more innovative solutions to our customers. This day is an opportunity to initiate a moment of meeting between Parisian start-ups and our digital experts and to discover new talents. What exactly is MV StartUp Day? How is it going? You will have 30 minutes to meet our experts and present your innovative solution! Who are our experts? The director of the Innovation and Brand Management division of MV Group and a Webmarketing expert. The little extra? It takes place at the MV Group offices. And after ?


Responsive, our team will get back to you the following week. The selected start-ups will integrate their solution into MV Group offers and will therefore be offered to clients of our agencies according to their innovation needs. How to register for this event? If you think that your offer matches, that you want to accelerate the growth of your business, do not hesitate to participate., meeting room or the papers next to the trash or even being against the consumer society but claiming huge wage increases… not a simple equation ???? The symmetry of attentions Behind all these terms,

What Exactly Is Mv Startup Day?

the key element seems to me to be the symmetry of attentions. The alignment between what we think, what we say and what we do, this is what will give consistency and weight to each of the terms, and this is true for everyone, the company , the manager and the employees. It is also this symmetry that will give a personal well-being, we are much happier when we are aligned with ourselves, which is the 1st step to align with others ????. Personally, this is the element that makes me react the most. The values ​​are personal, everyone has their own and I don’t see myself discussing them. On the other hand,

the misalignment is for me the most unbearable element. How can we affirm things and act in reverse to what has been said? I do not see how one can be credible. Two MV Group employees in a meeting The symmetry of attentions must work in both directions, from the company to the employee, but also from the employee to the company . When they are clearly displayed, the person who applies for a company often explains when hiring that he appreciates the values ​​of the company, but you must not lie to yourself to get the job, otherwise the future will be complicated. You cannot “disguise” your brain if you want to build a relationship of trust. Values, the foundation of any project At MV Group

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