And follow this indicator page by page from your Google Analytics account under the Behavior> All pages section . Direct traffic Direct traffic It’s confirmed ! Google uses data from Google Chrome, its own web browser, to categorize the sites you visit. For example, it scans whether Internet users access your site directly, or not A site with a lot of  Taiwan Email List  access is a positive sign for Google. This is quite logical since Internet users go there on a completely voluntary basis. It is a sign that your brand is recognized so a priori it is a pledge of confidence on the part of Internet users. My advice : follow this indicator in Google Analytics which appears in the section Acquisition> All Traffic> Channels .

And set up your URLs correctly since direct traffic is also Analytics’ catch-all for all the traffic sources that it cannot categorize. Recurring traffic Still in relation to the previous criterion, it is possible that Google, via its Chrome browser, analyzes whether a site obtains recurring traffic from the same Internet users, whether at the page level or the entire site. My advice : To find out the proportion of recurring visitors over a period, see the Audience> Behavior> New / known visitors section of your Google Analytics account, Also distribute a newsletter to retain your readers and therefore encourage them to come back to visit your site. Blocked sites Today, being able to block a site is no longer feasible from your browser.


 Identify Your Most Popular Articles

But it was not so long ago. The rule was this: the more Internet users blocked access to a website, the more its SEO deteriorated. Which seems quite logical. Bookmarks (or favorite sites) in Chrome Still using data from Internet users from Google Chrome, it also seems that Google counts the number of times a site is “bookmarked”. Obviously, the more Internet users declare a site as a favorite, the more its ranking goes up in the search engine algorithm. My advice : if this criterion turns out to be true, the fact of putting a button or a link “Add our site to your favorites” on your site can be useful to improve your Google ranking. Note : Moreover, this can only increase the rate of your recurring visitors and therefore play on the previous criterion.



Data from the Google Toolbar Data from the Google Toolbar On the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, Google offers a toolbar (toolbar English). Some SEO experts believe that Google also uses the data collected by their toolbar to influence the Google ranking of websites. Admit that it sends chills down your spine to know all the ways Google can “spy” on us! Note : There is no Google toolbar for Chrome since all the features are already integrated. The Google Toolbar for Firefox is no longer available, and you cannot install the Google Toolbar on Edge either. The number of comments You surely allow your users to comment on your content on your business blog. This is also the case on #audreytips.


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It seems that Google takes into account the number of comments per page. The principle is as follows: if the content of the page is interesting, it is likely that many Internet users will comment on it. So this is a potential signal that Google is probably taking into account. My advice : Provided it’s appropriate for your business, allow your site visitors to add comments at the bottom of the page. This is a native feature of most CMS. In WordPress you can configure it in the “Settings> Discussion” section of your administration console. The time spent on the page We imagine that Google also takes into account the time that Internet users spend on your pages. It is a priori even an important criterion.

Indeed, if Internet users spend little time on your site, it is a sign for Google of the lack of interest in your site. On the contrary, if they stay there for long minutes, or even hours, it is totally beneficial for your Google SEO! My advice : Make sure you produce content that entices you to stay on your pages for a long time. It means useful, interesting, captivating content… In short, high quality content! Also make sure that your site visitors are part of your target. This is a good reason not to buy backlinks from sites unrelated to your content. Finally, follow this indicator in your Google Analytics account under the Audience> Behavior> Engagement section .

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