The more I acquire SEO knowledge to rank my website well, the more I’m afraid of forgetting points each time I publish one of my articles. I asked Laurent for advice : I advise you to make a checklist. You can amend it as you learn important points. You can possibly also get help from Finland Email List plugins. But yes, but it is of course! How had I not thought of it earlier? According to Wikipedia , “a checklist or (checklist) is a document constructed with the aim of not forgetting the necessary steps of a procedure so that it runs as safely as possible.

This can be done aloud and / or by checking a written list of procedures. ” You all hope to rank higher in Google results. You’ve picked up some tips and tricks that you think are important. But how to be sure not to forget anything! So, before you publish your next content on the web, go through my checklist in detail for getting content on Google properly. Contents [ display ] 1- Before starting to write a- Choose a good keyword a- Choose a good keyword The first step is to choose the main keyword (or phrase) for which you want your article (or page) to rank well on Google.


Consult The Competing Pages

Say you work for a travel agency and want to write an article about Cambodia tourism. You must first conduct your investigation to identify what Internet users are looking for on this topic. The easiest way to get started is with Google Keyword Planner . This free tool estimates monthly search volume for any search phrase. Note : Google Keyword Planner being integrated into Google Ads, you must open an AdWords account to access it. I assure you the opening of the Adwords account is also free. You can also use Ubersuggest which in addition to the volume will give you your chances of reaching the first page of Google results.


Google Keyword Planner tells me that “Travel to Cambodia” receives 720 monthly searches. My Checklist To Refer Your Site On Google This is a good start. However, don’t immediately jump into writing your content. b- Read what your competitors write on this subject? Now that you have your key phrase, browse through what has already been written on this topic. Identify competing pages To do this, open a tab on Google chrome in incognito mode. This way, you can be sure that Google will not take what it knows about you into account when presenting the results to you.


To Conclude On How To Properly Reference Content On Google

This gives you a non-personalized and therefore more standard search list. To switch to “private browsing” mode on Chrome from your web browser, go to the menu at the top right of the window. My Checklist To Refer Your Site On Google This feature also exists on Safari, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Once in incognito mode, launch a search with your key phrase. For our example, it is “Travel to Cambodia”. Consult the competing pages Disregarding sponsored results marked with a small green “Ad”, browse all of the content on the first page of Google. The 10 results displayed are your competitors or rather your competing pages. You will find ideas there, but above all identify the information that is lacking to distinguish you. In short, you are finding a way to write a better article which should therefore get more audience.

The number of clicks influences SEO. So if your content is better, it will be viewed more often. Google will therefore make it rise naturally in the search results. As a result, it will be read even more. 2- Write high quality content Now that you know what your competition looks like, it’s time to write the content that will stand out and grab your readers’ interest. This is surely the hardest part, but it is very important. Your content should be of high quality.

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