2019 It was on December 26, 1989, that my Argentina WhatsApp Number List professional adventure began. Yes a Boxing Day, like a beautiful gift that falls into my arms. While I was 19 years old and I was on an internship, I was offered to replace my internship supervisor called to other functions in the group. While I was trying to grab a diploma from my not particularly dense academic record, this opportunity puts a brake on my education, because I immediately decided to get started by committing to pass my diploma. It is the beginning of a professional adventure that has nourished me for 30 years today, and which reminds me every day that life is made up of encounters, of opportunities that we seize or not and which ultimately deepen our personal and professional paths.

12 From the age of 19, I have everything to learn from “real” professional life: respecting commitments, clients’ requirements and expectations, good times with colleagues, pressure for numbers, and so on. It is the beginning of professional meetings which will mark my career and which I will meet again later over the years with for example Isabelle Cottrel (now Training Manager of MV Group) and Nathalie Lucas-Huriau, (now Innovation Director MV Group) . I have to redouble my efforts at work, first through my young age which can expose me to a certain mistrust from certain clients or colleagues and then through the accumulation of different challenges:

August 1990, Adapting In A Difficult Context

Succeed in my first job Always ensure my student job Pass my baccalaureate as a free candidate. The weeks are dense, busy days early in the morning and late at night to work, the “after-work” are courses with the HRD at the time, Pierre-Yves Lenotre, and all completed by my student job. Saturday morning at the Marché des Lices in Rennes. August 1990, adapting in a difficult context While I put everything in place to succeed in these 3 stages, I obtained my baccalaureate as a free candidate, I took my professional marks, when an external element marked the first major professional change: the Gulf War in August 1990 . The return to school in September will not be the same as before, business becomes more difficult, customers no longer call ,


we have to go to them. Fresh out of school, I’m adapting to it, but a good number of colleagues do not, who drop like flies. The years go by (Thursday evenings too), we work, but we also have fun doing the job.Two MV Group employees smiling facing each other I change the leader several times, we go from the familiar to the formal and again to the familiar, and I observe the postures that work and those that spoil the talent of the teams. I sometimes discover an incredible level of demand, which few people would accept today. But it will also be an opportunity for me to live my 2 best sales meetings in pairs with one of my chefs. What good times and what incredible learning that will mark me forever.

February 1993, Quimper

And then, this meeting where “I dare to say things”, admittedly perhaps not in a very skilful way, turns my life upside down. I am transferred for a few days to Quimper. In a normal context, we call it a new challenge, an evolution, in my context, it is rather a “punishment” February 1993, Quimper A new life. For the first time, I am leaving Rennes, to take up a new challenge, to launch a client portfolio in Quimper where Ouest-France is a challenger. No more monopoly situation, welcome to real life competition, improved customer service . As a chef, I find a former colleague, and discover the real difficulty of competition. Three weeks without signing any order form (which is a long time in our job) but I need to see things clearly, to build things in a solid way,

to adapt to the “Breton” names. My boss gives us total confidence, gives ideas and stimulates us to implement them. Finally, these 3 years will have been good years of commercial success : transforming work into a game, working with friends, working hard but also having a lot of fun (Thursday evenings start the weekend) and will allow me to meet the woman of my life. It was also during this visit that I discovered IT and the first Office Pack. Learn Word, Excel, all alone on the agency’s only computer (and yes, we’re in another time). And then this change of chef, with the arrival of a chef (another former colleague), but the relationship is special. She totally misses her arrival by wanting to demonstrate her power, and we are not making her life easier. This step will have deeply marked me

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