Whether you are new to Digital Marketing or a web expert, you must have experienced difficulties in: Analyze the performance of your corporate blog, Find resources to feed it, Or even watch your competition . Indeed, concerning last point, your Norway Email List  competitors are more and more learned to be noticed by the leader of the search engines: Google . They do everything in their power to reach the first place in the ranking on the keywords of your theme. In order to stay ahead of them, it is essential to equip yourself with a battery of tools to propel your business website to the top of search results.

And in our toolkit at #audreytips, there’s one that stands out: SEMrush. Indeed, SEMrush offers a whole range of tools that Ahmed Khalifa of Youxeo presents to you in this article in the form of ten benefits. Table of contents [ show ] 1. With SEMrush, your SEO will thank you With SEMrush, your SEO will thank you How to talk about a website without talking about the sinews of war … Natural Referencing (SEO). You have surely encountered difficulties at the start of your Content Marketing strategy to find words that are not very competitive and qualified as the “long tail” .


To Capture Email Addresses


For this purpose, SEMrush provides an audit of your website which you can update regularly. The audit report shows in particular the position of your website for targeted keywords and the organic traffic generated by these. In addition, you can follow the positions of your direct competitors both for organic search and for your sponsored ads on search engines. This makes it easy with one click to legally spy on keywords used by your competitors. But SEMrush doesn’t stop there. It even provides help when writing your content. With its writing assistant for Google docs and WordPress, SEMrush analyzes in real time, when writing content, its uniqueness, its optimization for SEO, its readability.


SEMrush then becomes your ally when writing an article. No need to encumber yourself with many often inefficient WordPress plugins. My advice : if you write your articles on Google Docs , which is handy for the collaboration features, use Wordable to upload them to WordPress in one click. 2. To capture email addresses Having a good SEO is a significant advantage for your site. However, social media is a big part of your market. Email Marketing experts say, “The money is in (your contact’s) list”. For this, no need to multiply the number of widgets and / or pop-up windows , add them sparingly in strategic places. Maybe you are using Hellobar or Sumo for this. Note that SEMrush offers a high conversion rate SEO audit widget for digital agencies that you can also add to your site very easily.


 Optimize The Performance Of Your Advertising Campaigns

Obviously, SEMrush does not offer an emailing service . You still have the possibility to collect many e-mail addresses with their Marketing tools . Note : I am convinced that in the more or less near future, SEMrush will offer other widgets to capture email addresses. 3. Optimize the performance of your advertising campaigns Optimize the performance of your advertising campaigns You certainly run online advertising campaigns to promote your products and / or services. You may have also tried the power of Google and / or Facebook retargeting. If this is the case, you have surely noticed the difficulty of optimizing a Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaign to win new customers. Again, SEMrush can help. First of all, you visualize the average cost per click according to a region in France in the form of a geographical map.

It also works all over the world. Then, to reduce your costs as much as possible and maximize your return on investment ( ROI ), SEMrush offers indicators for each of your keywords to find out: When the cost is the most interesting, And the regions to target your prospects for . Finally, it is possible to plan your campaigns while keeping an eye on their effectiveness. It is even possible to automate recurring actions. For example, create an advertising campaign of 10 € every Thursday from 12 to 11 p.m. So you will never need to run your campaign overnight. My advice : take inspiration from the best advertisements of your competitors to come up with a better offer to double them.


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