Especially for SMEs, where the marketing Thailand Phone Number department is usually not very large, it is good to focus your digital marketing strategy and put your energy into what works. It doesn’t mean you have to follow the VINC model exactly. Fortunately, marketing is not that simple. But it does make you aware of all the steps you can take Thailand Phone Number to achieve the best possible result. The VINC model May I introduce you to the VINC model? It consists of four phases: idea, platform, traffic and conversion. The only way to embrace online marketing Thailand Phone Number as a sustainable ‘business driver’ is by assuming value addition and continuous development.

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This is essentially what the VINC model is about. Marketing is about how you can really mean something to potential customers. How you can help Thailand Phone Number them further. You can only do that if you continue to develop, measure and improve. I briefly discuss each phase. VINC model Source: Idea Everything starts with an idea. You want to be able to quickly test that idea for feasibility and calculate it in a business case. The latter is not always necessary, but it is good to consider what your idea will yield. Whether it concerns a new website or the activation of a new advertisement.

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Then you set up buyer personas . One that suits your idea and target group, because you need it to draw up a (short) content strategy. A tip that Slierendrecht gives is to start with keyword research in this phase. That is one of the means to find out whether the market is actually waiting for your idea. Also read: SEA in 2021: the 6 most important trends Platform The previous phase could be described as the strategy phase. Now the idea has to be translated into a platform. In most cases, that is a website. This is where your idea and strategy come to life.

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