To better promote your brand or business, there are different content formats. The result will be all the more meaningful if you adopt a strategy that includes sponsored articles and perfectly integrated advertisements called native advertising . Zoom on this method of communication! HOW DOES NATIVE ADVERTISING WORK Ecuador WhatsApp Number List advertising, also called native advertising , is a format that appeared ten years ago and consists of perfectly integrating advertisements into the medium on which they are broadcast. For example, it can be: A promotional video before accessing a video on Youtube.

A sponsored post appearing on your Facebook news feed This type of advertising has the advantage of not hindering the reading of the medium since it integrates perfectly with it, unlike the classic banner. It is therefore not very intrusive and is also little filtered by the ad-blockers that some Internet users use. Of course, the content must be qualitative so as not to appear intrusive . There are different types of native advertising: The in-feed which takes the same form as its editorial environment, in the form of an article, publication on networks or video.


How Does Native Advertising Work

The promotional list, also called “promoted listing”, the main purpose of which is sale. In this case, these are comparative tables. Tailor-made content, which we find under the name of “custom content” which is in fact content produced by the publisher and intended for the advertiser. Widgets or recommendation modules. By adapting to UX, they are simply banners or advertising frames. This type of advertising is considered to be one of the formats deemed to have the most impact by 2020. As such, Internet users pay approximately 50% more attention to this type of advertising rather than to banners since they are considered less aggressive.

Ecuador WhatsApp Number List

In addition, a user will give the same reading time to a desired content as to a native advertisement, and this type of format can significantly boost the sales of your products. THE INDISPUTABLE STRENGTHS OF SPONSORED ARTICLES To boost your sales or visits to your site, the sponsored article is a great ally in your communication strategy. The principle is simple: an editorial influencer in the same field as your company produces content on your services or products and distributes it on his blog and social networks.


The Indisputable Strengths Of Sponsored Articles

This way, you get a recommendation from their community and are likely to have new prospects / customers. Its subscribers can then make your content more viral by sharing on their own social networks. In addition to giving your SEO a serious boost, your content will be much easier to find and generate more engagement. This will allow you to see the content that really interests your target in order to better adjust your communication strategy.

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