WordProof is a Dutch blockchain startup focusing on protecting your content by adding it to the blockchain. WordProof automatically adds a unique fingerprint to your content, making it verifiable. It helps fight against fake news and copyright issues while increasing the trust in the content you put out, with a very transparent solution.

WordProof has won numerous European awards for valuable blockchain solutions. For those wanting to Netherlands Mobile Number know more, we talked to WordProof about what makes their solution useful.

WordProof already has a WordPress plugin that gives you much more control over your timestamps and usage, but with the integration in Yoast SEO 19.2, we make it easier to get started. It is limited, though, to ten timestamps a month and only on the privacy page of your site — and the terms and conditions page if you use WooCommerce SEO. This helps readers verify the trustworthiness of that critical page.

Activate the WordProof integration in the integrations settings, log in or set up an account and start time stamping your privacy and terms and conditions pages.


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Open your privacy or terms and conditions page and timestamp it with WordProof

Other enhancements in Yoast SEO 19.2

Yoast SEO 19.2 is a chockfull release. We’ve mentioned the WordProof integration, but there’s more to be found.

Improvements to the SEO and readability analyses

SEO is famous for its SEO and readability analyses. Thanks to these tools, you can write content that stands. Out from the crowd — while making readers and search engines happy. Netherlands Mobile Number We’re continually improving the analyses, and in SEO 19.2, we’re doing that with a long list of changes. In addition, we’ve also made the SEO and readability column sortable in the post overview.

The improvements mainly concern the way the text analysis handles various inputs. For instance, it will now exclude blockquote HTML elements and no longer split sentences on semicolons ;. We’ve improved the support for Elementor by not always splitting on ellipsis, regardless of whether the following sentence has a valid beginning. Also, we now support sentence detection for declarative sentences in quotation marks.

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