Dreams are very good experiences to Sri-Lanka Phone Number yourself to think about where you want to go. What would you like to achieve? And what do you need for that? mindsetgrow, road to success Learning to dream As children we do Sri-Lanka Phone Number nothing but dream. Unfortunately, as we grow up, dreaming becomes more and more difficult. Simply, because we are going to take more things into account. Think of a partner, children, work, mortgage and so on. How do you make sure you start thinking about your own dreams again.

We Sri-Lanka Phone Number Nothing But Dream

Can you think of the first step you can take? What would that be? Maybe you can already think of more. Dreaming for a growth mindset and taking steps The most important thing I want to tell you is that it is very important for your happiness at work to Sri-Lanka Phone Number regularly consider whether the work you are doing is still what you want to be doing. Do you still get enough energy from your work? As adults, we are often very good at figuring out why Sri-Lanka Phone Number we shouldn’t do something, because ‘now’ is often not the right time. That’s a shame! So shake up your growth mindset again.

Sri-Lanka Phone Number

Nothing But Dream Sri-Lanka Phone Number

With this step-by-step plan you make Sri-Lanka Phone Number concrete what you want to be working on in the near future to chase your dreams. Is good never good enough for you? Do you think you should always go for a 10+? Do you sometimes put things off because you doubt whether it will work and you are not sure whether it will be perfect? If you Sri-Lanka Phone Number answer yes to one or more questions, there is a chance that you suffer from perfection stress! What is perfection stress? Remko van der Drift describes it in his book ‘ Trying always succeeds’ (affiliate) as the stress you experience due to an unhealthy pursuit of perfection.

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