Now that you know what has changed in google recipe structured data, stay with us to find out what else is happening in the seo universe.The formalization of goodbye to the old days
If you, like me, have been doing seo for more than 10 years, you probably. Have fond memories of the “Old days”. The golden age in which we could boast of being more cunning than google to position ourselves in the first place.

Google was less sophisticated back then.

Like the joker and batman,

we play a seemingly endless game of cat and mouse, finding creative ways to “Cheat the system” or interpret google’s rules to our advantage.

At that time we could get the best positions on the results page, but in reality, the Cyprus WhatsApp Number List end user (the real human being who was looking for the content we wanted to position) was just secondary data.

I must confess that I am also guilty of that.

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In 2012, before I founded rock content, my blog had over 1.3 million sessions. He published more than 1,000 articles a month.

The quality of these items was questionable. I had multiple variations of a single ” how to fry an egg ” tutorial, all of them over 500 words… Not proud of that.

Things are very different now. Let’s see what has changed since then!

The not-so-secret hidden agenda: what google has been telling us all along
For decades, seo practices have been heavily. By a strong focus on tricking bots, tricks, and complex formulas for success . Before 2011, all of that was possible because google wasn’t “Very smart.”

Over time, google proved us wrong. In fact, it had become very smart, and every time it updated its algorithms, there was a not-so-subtle message between the lines:

— ignore me. Focus on the human connection .

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