Station At the end of September, Spotify Switzerland Phone Number also announced that you can add podcasts to your playlists yourself . You can now alternate music with podcasts in your playlists. And you can also share your lists with others. Your Switzerland Phone Number own radio program! The different ways that people listen to things on Spotify will also change the nature of podcasts. More short, 5–10 minute pods. More short-run Switzerland Phone Number series. More focus on individual episodes (versus episode feeds) in podcast playlists. Much the way that Spotify has upended the music industry, they’re going to do the same for podcasts, for better or worse.

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Dutch microcasts already exist? I noticed Switzerland Phone Number that Your Daily Drive only contains American and British podcasts. I put out a call on Twitter asking whether Dutch microcasts already exist. The podcast Annet Switzerland Phone Number from KRO-NCRV is about 5 minutes per episode. First This, the EO’s Bible podcast, lasts 7 minutes per episode. I also got tips for creators of both long and short podcasts, such as 1.44MB and YELLOW . Real Dutch microcasts still seem rare. Do you know another one? Feel free to share Switzerland Phone Number your listening tips in the comments below! Besides the microcast there is also an even shorter form. Startup.

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Blip will  Switzerland Phone Number offer podcasts

Maximum of 200 seconds (about 3 minutes) in Switzerland Phone Number a feed that is personally composed for you. Criticism of the microcast Microcasts are less attractive to podcast creators who incorporate ads into their podcasts. Due to the Switzerland Phone Number short length, they may also have less income because less space for advertising messages. And another critique from a creative point of view: maybe you shouldn’t be forced Switzerland Phone Number to make a podcast of a certain length. The content must A number will not surprise you, but it is still nice to have them collected in one place. Storytelling with a lot of humor, or a video that takes you through the past 100 years in 90 seconds.

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