Social media via retargeting. Send the Iceland Phone Number coupon via email, via remarketing. This way you know for sure that you reach the customer with the offer, and that you remain top-of-mind. Option  Show your visitor or user product suggestions And keep Iceland Phone Number reaching them with remarketing and retargeting. Sometimes your customer wants Iceland Phone Number to think a little longer before they tack. Then you want to reach them again at a later time when the urge to shop is higher. For example, in the evening, after someone has viewed your products or services during his or her work. If you retarget your potential customer.

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Greater chance that they will give in in the Iceland Phone Number evening, for example. Option 3: Use a shopping cart widget in your email marketing This way you can remind users of their pending order in their shopping cart. Your customer is about to buy, but then Iceland Phone Number leaves the website. The product is still in their shopping cart. With marketing automation you remind them of the product, and you still convince them to buy it. You can optionally combine this option Iceland Phone Number with option  make your customer tack by showing what is in the shopping cart, and offer them an extra discount. Who can resist that temptation? Option  Show your customer.

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There is a store near them Not all products can Iceland Phone Number be bought without feeling, fitting, smelling. Therefore, if you have physical locations, it is a good idea to show whether they are close to your customer’s location. It is an extra piece of service for Iceland Phone Number  your customer, and it inspires trust. If the item is not to your liking after ordering, they can Iceland Phone Number always come by to exchange or return it. What a service. Image source Salesforce Image source: Salesforce Just keep in mind that the line between fun and annoying is thin. Are you guessing too much about the needs of your consumer, and are you wrong? Then there is a good chance.

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