“Off page SEO” refers to certain techniques for improving a website’s position in search engine results pages. A lot of people associate “Off Page SEO” with building backlinks, but it’s not just that. Here is Laurent’s position on obtaining backlinks: Today, “Off Page SEO” is all about promoting the content of your website in order to build trust Kyrgyzstan Email List your audience. This trust being gained, Internet users will naturally refer to your content if it is of good quality. As a result, you naturally get backlinks. But let’s start from the beginning … Contents [ display ] What is SEO?

Off page SEO: 5 tips to gain quality backlinks Natural Referencing or SEO is one of the 6 levers of Digital Marketing. Concretely, SEO is a set of techniques to optimize a website and its content for search engines. The goal is to get your web pages up in the results pages of search engines like Google. SEO is therefore vital for: Gain visibility on search engines, Attract qualified visitors, But also give credibility to your content. Search engines use complex algorithms to: Determine the pages to include in their index, Then sort those pages in the search results. Optimizing a website for search engines breaks down into 3 subdomains: “On page” SEO, “Off page” SEO, And.


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Technical” SEO. “On page SEO” or referencing on your pages “On page SEO” groups together the actions to be taken on each page of your website so that they are properly optimized for search engines. Here are some examples of these actions: Work on your titles and meta descriptions, Structure your URLs with care, Insert internal links naturally, Cut your text into chapters with subtitles, Optimize your images … Find all these tips in my article: On page SEO: 11 techniques to boost your rankings . “Technical” SEO Technical SEO makes it easier for search engines to crawl and index your website. Indeed, search engines run crawlers on websites to retrieve certain information in their index.


This information is then used to classify the different pages according to the keywords typed by Internet users. By working on your technical SEO, you help search engines better access, analyze, interpret and index your website. The actions to be taken therefore optimize the infrastructure of your website without taking into account its content or its promotion. This is why digital marketing experts talk about technical SEO. Find my checklist of 15 Technical SEO checkpoints . “Off page” SEO or referencing outside your site Finally, “Off-page SEO” or “Off-site SEO” groups together all the activities to be carried out outside your website, that is to say on sites other than yours. Concretely, you carry out actions of promotion of the contents on your Web site to obtain a maximum of inbound links (or backlinks).


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The objective of this article is to review all these promotional actions to work on your “Off page SEO”. But first, find out the benefits of working on your “Off Page SEO”. Why is working on your “Off Page SEO” important? Why is working on your “Off Page SEO” important? Search engines are always looking to return the best results for Internet users. For this, they rely on complex and secret algorithms. However, Digital Marketing experts have counted more than 200 criteria in Google’s ranking system. Among these criteria, several are used to measure the authority of your website or its popularity.

The popularity of your site is proportional to the number of references that your site has on other sites. Indeed, if another site refers to one of your content, this means that they find it relevant to the point of wanting to refer to it. It acts as a “vote” of confidence. In addition, all these links on other sites also provide visibility. Indeed, a user visiting another site referring to one of your content can click on this link and come and visit your website. This is why the main activities around “Off Page SEO” are to promote your website to give it visibility and gain confidence before collecting “votes”. 2 main advantages of “off page SEO” By getting all of these referrals on other sites, your website traffic will naturally increase: More traffic from search engines .


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