In this article, I will give you a detailed overview of the different platforms in order to properly distribute your content marketing. We will differentiate here two types of platforms: those of social networks (for which I have already published the article Cameroon WhatsApp Number List social networks for my professional activity ), then community / blogging type platforms. This article will therefore be useful for you to find out about platforms that you may not know or probably do not yet master, but also to help you make a choice according to your needs.

Trainer training In the first part of the article, you will find a quick summary of popular social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR CONTENT MARKETING FACEBOOK It is the best known and most active social network in the world. Facebook allows the sharing of information, photos, videos, and music with your “friends”. You can therefore find those who are already registered on the site, but also invite your contacts to join the social network. Facebook can be used privately or professionally, registration is free.


Platforms To Distribute Content Marketing

The principle is simple: you create a profile, you search for contacts and add your own, which allows you to extend your network. Each user posts information on their “wall”. This information is then passed on to your friends’ “news feeds” and, in return, you have access to their publications on your own “news feed”. It is a crossroads of information where the latest actions of members, the latest news, or even all the links shared (music, concert, cinema, artist, photos, etc.) intersect with your relatives and their acquaintances. You can browse the site, communicate with your contacts, register for groups and events.

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Advantage : It is the most famous social network with the most people. Cons : This platform is starting to get a bit saturated and aging. Facebook practices too much sponsorship which tires out users. LINKEDIN This platform is intended for professional and commercial relations. On LinkedIn, what you will find are essentially companies and professionals looking to gain visibility, promote their brand, contact new people, create a network or even increase the visibility of their business.


Advantage: This Site Is Very Rich In Information.

Advantages : It allows you to gain visibility, to get in touch with new people or companies, to attract people to your profile, to create a network. Disadvantage : This social network is more access on the job search than the distribution of content. Discover part of my journey via this Linkedin video INSTAGRAM Instagram is a social network that allows you to edit and share photos and videos from your smartphone or even your computer. Each user has a “wall” in which he will be able to display the various photos and videos taken and modified via the application. Other users can then “like” the photo, or comment on it.

If you use hashtags to post your photo, any user will be able to view it by performing a hashtag search. Instagram also allows you to follow a user, or to be followed yourself. This allows you to have photos of users followed in your news feed, or to be present in the news feed of those who follow us (a bit like the Facebook news feed). You can make your page accessible to all users or choose to validate the requests yourself. Advantage : It is the most trendy social network at the moment. Disadvantage : It is difficult to find a place on the network because of the present world (too much competition).

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