marketing has brought us is that it can become the best cover letter for your business. If you already have a well-cared website and impeccable social networks, we tell you how it Kazakhstan Phone Number can help you in your strategy, get reviews from your customers. What are they and how can I get reviews?

A review is nothing more than the opinion of one of your

customers about your product or service. We must not forget that “word of mouth” in a digital environment is achieved thanks to obtaining reviews through: a) your Google business listing (previously called Google My Business). If you still do not have this file, we recommend that you register as soon as possible. In it you will not only be able to share useful information about your business: images, opening hours, etc. but it is very important in your local SEO strategy and above all, to share the link to the reviews with your customers. b) customer satisfaction questionnaires . If you have already sold a product or provided your services, it is essential to ask your customers for feedback. It is the best way to find out first-hand your weak points and put proposals for improvement into action.

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You can also request permission to share the comments

on your website or social networks. c) your Facebook page . Did you know that on Facebook company pages there is a section to leave opinions? If you access any company page. In the left side menu there is the option “Opinions” where you can indicate if you recommend the business and upload your comments. d) use specific tools like Trustpilot .  Has had a certain result. So whoever reads the review. Will also be able to know your version and will see that you are involved in the transparency and image of your business.), the best way to publicize negative evaluations is to share them.gation.

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