Many infopreneurs complain about not being able to sell their online training well enough. How would you like to know the secret to making more online training product sales? This is what we will see in this article. I will give you no less than 7 techniques to Croatia WhatsApp Number List   your sales and finally achieve real business turnover, that is to say several tens of thousands of euros … ONLINE TRAINING: 8 LEVERS TO BOOST YOUR TURNOVER Perhaps you are asking yourself a number of questions when you look at your sales statistics: why is my turnover so weak?

Why do these infopreneurs that I watch on their YouTube channels manage to make thousands of euros and not me? Webmarketing training It is true that it can be annoying… Suddenly, you are a little lost and do not know any more what to do: what works? What should I avoid doing? Finally, what makes the difference between an information product that is successful on the internet, and a business that is growing, and another business that is a total failure?


The Importance Of Positioning

If you want to know, then read well to the end … With the level of competition online today, it is absolutely essential that you stand out from what your competition is doing. I know, it’s not always easy … you can also read Online training: how to monetize your knowledge . If you want to set up your training in a structured way, you can also follow these two training courses: Training to create a training organization. Training to create your online training offer. THE IMPORTANCE OF POSITIONING The success of a business often depends on the product itself. You must already have chosen an adequate positioning and that you have an offer that is related to this positioning. Already ask yourself a simple question: “What problem do I want to solve?” “.

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You have to choose a precise and nested positioning, because if your positioning is too general, you will run up against leading sites for a long time, and you will break your teeth in front of them. Why would visitors prefer to trust your blog out of nowhere, with someone they don’t know, when there are already some long established blue-chip bets in the market? Faced with big market players, you don’t stand a chance. It is mandatory that you specialize in a specific field. SOLOPRENEUR: GAIN CREDIBILITY There is no secret, to be successful in selling on the internet, everything is a matter of trust.


Your Authority And Your Branding

You have to patiently build your credibility. You have every interest in going on a specific issue. Example: “weight loss after pregnancy” or “diet for athletes” if you are in the fitness niche. It will be much easier then to make sales on a very specific area than if you are on a too general topic. Become the leader of your micro-niche! Your first areas of work to boost the sales of your online information products would already be to work on the following points: Positioning ; Marketing strategy ; Your target ; Your offer. This is what will make you able to differentiate yourself, to become a reference and to be credible, because everyone will be talking about you in your field.

From there, you need to target a market with enough people who have the problem you’re going to solve. At the same time, you need to be specific enough that people with this problem understand the value of investing in your program. Don’t try to do the same as your competition, “think different” as the apple brand would say – which I hate, but that’s another debate! Well, I feel like I’m not only going to make friends by saying this, but that’s okay: I’ve always said what I thought and I don’t mind being divisive … 1 – A QUALITY OFFER It may sound obvious, but there should be quality online training.

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