That is an awful lot of money, especially Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number when you consider that 1 in 6 employees currently has burnout complaints . But there is also good news, because the causes of a burnout can easily be prevented. The solution lies in reflection and the manager . The role of the manager The corona crisis is causing many changes. And these changes bring additional work stress with them. Only an underexposed topic Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number when it comes to work stress is the role of the manager. Research by TNO and CBS shows that of the employees who experience a high workload and receive little support from the manager, no less than 45% suffer from burnout complaints.

One Condition You Trust Yourself

Of the employees who experience a high workload but who do receive support from their supervisor, this is only 18%. The manager therefore plays a crucial role here. How can reflection help? But are most executives doing so badly now? And do all managers then have to en masse on expensive and unclear ‘prevent burnout courses’? The funny thing is that there is usually nothing new to learn. Everything is already in the house. All that needs to be done is reflect . Take a moment and take some distance, rewind the tape and explore the thoughts and emotions.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number

You Trust Yourself

Then evaluate, ask for feedback from someone else, draw conclusions and then continue. In this way the manager can learn from his own behavior and at the same time increase the job satisfaction of his employees. Sprint of 25 questions An important part of reflecting is asking good questions. Difficult? Well no! Shall we do a little sprint? Try answering these questions: What would you have done differently if you had a time machine at your disposal? How do you connect people? When do you really feel connected to someone else.

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