Several that focus on the use of language Italy Phone Number and writing. 16. Better Games Want to improve your Dutch every day? Test your spelling knowledge at Beter Spellen . The fact that it has been proclaimed the most popular educational website for eight years Italy Phone Number should certainly count as a quality mark. 17. Dutch Studies For the ‘hardcore’ fans of the science of Dutch, there is the lively weblog Neerlandistiek . Articles about (research into) language and Dutch Italy Phone Number literature are publish there every day. Read Read Reading sharpens your sense of language, so do it a lot not just from screens. With books about your field.

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Can increase your professional  Italy Phone Number knowledge and keep your Dutch up to date. For example, take a look at the book selection on Frankwatching. 19. Language Books No, I’m not forcing exercise books on you. But reading books about language of Italy Phone Number can give you more understanding and relaxation, because they put many absolute right/wrong Italy Phone Number views into perspective. Two brand new recommendations to deepen your understanding of language: What Italy Phone Number you say comes naturally by Liesbeth Koenen and 15 centuries of Dutch language by Nicoline van der Sijs. If you want to keep up with your knowledge of languages ​​other than Dutch, read Babel.

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It was to be expecte of the top   Italy Phone Number most popular articles of January, 8 are about trends. Just like December, January was of course also the month of trends, outlooks and forecasts. Trends in online marketing, internal communication, government Italy Phone Number communication, and more. 1. LinkedIn in 2020: 6 trends & new functionalities New on Frankwatching This is how you prepare a strong impact report in 4 steps ma The future of online advertising ma Chatbot Lio Italy Phone Number the new digital employee who ensures happy customers and colleagues ma Is it still worth blogging when everything has already been said? ma Content marketing: 10 numbers & facts.

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