OptinMonster is a WordPress plugin mainly dedicated to capturing emails.


Born in 2013. it is relatively user-friendly and quite complete compared to the competition.


It differs in particular by its advanced targeting features thanks to which it is possible to display popups according to:


From the source of the web traffic;

The geolocation of the visitor;

Du type d’interaction ;

In addition. OptinMonster stands out for its features allowing you to:


Bypass ad blockers;

Filter email addresses (replaces software like debounce.io);

Provide discount coupons via a Wheel Popup (you spin a virtual wheel to try to win. Replaces software like Wheelofpopups);

Copy paste ready-to-use campaigns that replicate the same marketing strategies as big brands.

It is therefore clear that OptinMonster has serious arguments to make.


But is it enough?


Aren’t there alternatives to OptinMonster just as or even more efficient under WordPress?


The answer is of course yes.


And the good news is that there is more than one.


Alors voici sans plus tarder les différentes solutions dont vous disposez pour remplacer OptinMonster.


Starting with Thrive Leads. which in my opinion is THE best alternative.


Thrive Leads : le best

Of all the OptinMonster alternatives out there. Thrive Leads is my favorite.


Ce plugin de popup WordPress polyvalentis part of the Thrive Themes corporate suite of tools.


It has been specially designed to create popup windows with high conversion potential.


In my eyes. this is the best plugin to capture email addresses and collect more leads.


Thrive Leads is therefore ideal for building amailing list WordPressfor example.


It stands out from its competitors in particular by its almost infinite customization options.


From the type of window to the desired theme. many templates or pre-built models are available to you.


And if you’re a PHP genius. Thrive Leads also allows Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers you to create your own popups.


In addition to this personalization. the Lead Groups function allows you to segment your visitors by displaying your windows to them according to their behavior.


Add to that the classic A/B testing function to determine which popup converts best on your site as well as the possibility of displaying or not your popups on mobile. tablet and desktop.


What it has more than OptinMonster


As I told you. Thrive Leads has a lot of popup customization options.


In particular. you can create an advertising banner in the form of a banner at the top of your page.


As such. this plugin can be used to createbarres de notification WordPress.


In addition. Thrive Leads offers a function to manage free bonuses to send to your leads.


The “asset delivery” feature is very useful if you offer a white paper for download. for example.


It allows you to do without an autoresponder system. and to manage everything from the plugin directly.


Thrive Leads is therefore much more complete than its competitor OptinMonster.


This is definitely my favorite out of all the OptinMonster alternatives on this list.


How much does it cost


Even at that level. Thrive Leads can’t be beaten given its quality.


The plugin is available as a monthly subscription in Thrive Suite (the suite of plugins from ThriveThemes) for $24.9/month or on its own at $97/year.


Followthis link to get it for you.


Leadpages : page focus

Leadpages is also a good alternative to OptinMonster in WordPress.


Strictly speaking. it is a landing page builder plugin.


It therefore does not have the same objective as OptinMonster initially.


But I will explain why I put it in the same category as its competitor.


Leadpages makes it possible to capture emails via landing pages and squeeze pages.


It is also compatible with most major email marketing services (Mailchimp. Aweber. GetResponse. ConvertKit and Active Campaign to name a few).


But what really makes the strength of this plugin is undoubtedly the quality of its landing pages.


Between abundant customization options and UX and SEO optimization. Leadpages is certainly one of the very best in its field.


And knowing that the landing page is often the last step before converting the visitor into a prospect. we understand the challenge.

Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers

If you’re looking to create beautiful. high-converting landing pages that leave room for your imagination. Leadpages is for you.


That said. it should still be kept in mind that Leadpages does not yet have the stuff to compete with Thrive Leads.


In any case. as far as lead management is concerned.


And by digging a little further. we also realize that it pales in comparison to Thrive Architect for the construction of Landing Pages.


Leadpages therefore remains a good WordPress plugin in itself. but condemned to remain in the shadow of Thrive Themes’ tools.


What it has more than OptinMonster


Leadpages is a great tool for generating more leads through landing pages.


It offers you the possibility of integrating opt-in forms directly on a landing page.


Thus. no need to go through popup windows that can spoil navigation.


Everything is brought together on a single. ultra-customizable landing page.


A lightbox popup creation feature is however available for aficionados of this type of pop-up window.


How much does it cost


This is undoubtedly the weak point of Leadpages. which remains very expensive compared to OptinMonster.


Leadpages offers two formulas of respectively $49 and $199 per month.


Leadpages therefore remains a relatively expensive plugin. especially when you know the prices of Thrive Leads.



Behind this very poetic name hides a formidable competitor plugin to OptinMonster under WordPress.


Bloom was designed by the creators of Divi. a theme known for its elegant graphics.


Just like the others. it allows you to create email capture popups.


And like the others. it has many customization options.


In total. more than a hundred pre-defined templates are available with Bloom.


We also note the compatibility with no less than 19 emailing services. including Active Campaign that I use myself.


Bloom also offers a form trigger function.


Thanks to it. you will be able to choose when and for whom to display your popups.


You can also count on an A/B test function. and will have access to your detailed statistics.


We can only regret that Bloom is not available on its own. but integrated into a pack of 87 themes. including Divi.


What it has more than OptinMonster


Without hesitation. the customization possibilities of the popups.


Where OptinMonster really limits the choice. Bloom is an endless source of creation.


Perfect for varying your mail capture windows. and soavoid ad fatigue.


How much does it cost


As I told you. Bloom is not available on its own.



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