Write substantial content studies have shown that articles over 1,000 words score better in search results. More precisely, the pages in the top 10 search lists have an average of around 1,450 words (source BackLinko ). Write Moldova Email List content So, to set yourself apart from your competition, write longer content. Obviously, this is going to require you to spend more time writing content. You have 2 areas of progress to explore: Post less often, but with higher quality content , Publish articles and work on them regularly to enrich them and thus increase the number of words.

Search for keywords with Keyword Planner, but not just … Search for keywords with Keyword Planner, but not only … Even if some say that keywords are less important than before in natural referencing , they should not be neglected. Choosing the right keywords can make all the difference in optimizing your SEO. In fact, I should say “keyphrase” instead of single words. A “key phrase” has two main advantages: It is more precise and therefore less competitive, It is more likely to respect the user’s intention .


Are You Ok With That? So Cool !

Think of “Kitten” as a keyword and here are some examples of key phrases “best kitten food”, “kitten veterinarian advice” … The Google “ keyword planner ” tool is known to give inaccurate results, especially for finding keywords with low search volumes. It is often even ineffective for key phrases. Here’s how to find keywords to optimize your content. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and analyze as they speak.



Here too, you can still use the Internet: Browse other sites, product reviews (if your article refers to it), Be inspired by the content of forums and / or groups on LinkedIn, Read comments on blog posts, Identify the keywords used by your competitor’s sites, Look at related terms in related searches at the bottom of Google results pages. To see info on the keywords you think you’ll remember, use UberSuggest for free . For the more expert among you, also rely on the keywords says LSI . 6. Update your old pages This is a trick that few people use to optimize their SEO.


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Recycling your old blog posts can double the traffic to those pages. A strong supporter of this technique is Brian Dean. He managed to increase the traffic of one of his pages by 11_.91% ( source Backlinko – see point 3 ). And that’s how I go about finding and improving my “poorest” content . My advice : given the results I’m seeing on #audreytips, don’t hesitate to take a break from posting new content and take the opportunity to optimize a few “old” pages on your business website.

In conclusion to optimize your natural referencing It’s a shame that so few small business sites practice the basic rules of SEO. But it’s also good news for you. With a little time and a few pennies, you can propel your pages in the ranking of Google. Don’t listen to rumors that SEO is difficult or time consuming. Let your competition believe it and take action. Start by installing Yoast SEO for WordPress and then check out my 2 magic tools for finding high potential keywords.

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