Own data or firt-party
also known as 1p data, it is the information you collect from your customers’ interactions and behaviors.

Examples include website activity, purchase history, email engagement (email opens and clicks), and customer feedback program scores.

Second party data.

this is when companies sell or share their own data that they have collected with other companies.

It is usually shared between parties that have similar audiences and customers.

Third party data
last but not least, we have third party data.

Basically, it is any data that has been collected or organized from a variety Slovenia WhatsApp Number List of sources and is often managed by organizations that do not directly interact with customers.

There are many markets where these massive data sets can be purchase, and some examples are: demographic data, survey responses, income data, and online activities such as websites visited and browsing behaviors.

Prepare your army: mail privacy protection and other resources

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now that we have those concepts in mind, we can talk about one of the most impactful changes in the world of data: the loss of third-party cookies .

In 2019, firefox started banning these cookies, and google has just declared that it will no longer support third-party tracking in google chrome browsers .

Another recent change that has impacted the digital world is the widespread adoption of apple mail privacy protection (mpp) by ios users (97%!).

This feature can hide ip addresses and block remote content, resulting in artificial email. The open rates, images not automatically loading in emails, and email-related activity data that marketers can’t track.

Google, safari, firefox and apple are just the beginning. Clearly, there is a movement towards decreasing the use of third party cookies. The sparkpost report indicates that more than. The 50% of open data will no longer be trus by the en of 2022.

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