What paid SEO strategy for the end of year holidays? Were you caught up by the end-of-year rush in 2019 and couldn’t polish your paid search strategy for the holidays? Do you plan to 2020, better to anticipate! The holiday season is a wonderful Botswana Email List opportunity for many businesses. Now is the perfect time to deploy a powerful digital marketing strategy. To be successful, however, the latter must be prepared in advance and take into account the specificities of this very special time of the year.

During the Christmas and New Year period, find out how to increase your sales thanks to paid search (a very useful article for those who have been caught up by the end-of-year rush, and who wish to prepare well for 2020!). A long, multi-channel purchasing journey during the end of the year celebrations Depending on your business, your customers’ buying journey may change during the holiday season. Indeed, some consumers are looking at Christmas gifts as early as September. They spot interesting products, waiting for the right time to checkout. As a general rule, the larger the purchase, the longer the buying journey.


Submit Commercial Offers For Christmas

It is thus possible to distinguish four types of customers during the end of year celebrations: The forward-looking buyer , who takes his time before finalizing his purchases. The bargain-hunting buyer , who usually waits for private sales or Black Friday to deal with freebies. The spendthrift buyer , who doesn’t hesitate to pay the price. The late buyer , who makes his purchases at the very last moment. Likewise, consumers will use different channels, offline and online, to get as much information as possible about the products they are looking for and to compare prices. It is therefore fundamental to take these behaviors into account when setting up a paid referencing strategy.


Submit commercial offers for Christmas During the Christmas period, which is generally synonymous with big expenses, most consumers are therefore actively looking for good deals to save money. Therefore, it is in your best interest to provide promotional offers to optimize the results of your SEA campaigns. For example, it is possible to use Google Ads remarketing ads to target Internet users who have already visited your site. By offering them a discount code, you can encourage them to complete the purchase of your products. Likewise, use the promotion extensions available in Google Ads Search ads. It is indeed a great way to promote your different ads.


Optimize your campaigns on Google Ads

In order to convert the visitors who arrive on your site through paid referencing, group your best products in a section dedicated to Christmas. This is where your prospects will go for inspiration, and will therefore come across your featured articles. Anticipate your SEA campaigns However, the success of your paid SEO campaigns on Google Shopping and Google Ads requires careful preparation. It is therefore in your interest to anticipate them by defining a strategy. Google ads Start by setting goals and a budget, then plan on the results to be achieved by taking into account the history of previous years. Then build a promotional calendar so as to create animation around your online store.

For example, you can include a week in which you offer a reduction on all purchases, then free delivery on another, and so on. It is also important to anticipate the problems you will face during this hectic time. This will make it easier for you to solve them. Optimize your campaigns on Google Ads During the holiday season, you need to make sure you appear at every step of the consumers’ buying journey. This is because buyers search the web for a lot of information using specific keywords, mostly on Google. On Google Shopping and Ads, therefore, make sure your keywords are relevant. It may also be wise to include specific terms such as “Christmas” or “gift idea” to get better results.

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