This system aims to assess the digital maturity of companies and help them start their digital transition with an adapted and individualized action plan. This diagnosis, carried out by consular advisers from the CMA or the CCI, will address all digital-related Philippines Phone Number List : online visibility, digital marketing, online sales, internal resources, security and GDPR, etc. To benefit from this support, all you need to do is make your request to the CCI or CMA in your area.

The diagnosis will be carried out remotely or at your premises according to your preference. Service providers at the service of your digital transition To succeed in your digital transformation, many service providers, including the ID Interactive agency, can support you and develop solutions tailored to your business and your needs. Start the year 2021 on the right foot with a digital project for your digital growth: online sales platform, creation of your website , digital communication with your targets, natural referencing or web marketing levers …


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You have to choose your goals: increase your website traffic, increase engagement on your social networks or even facilitate conversions. As well as determining what you want to do: give advice on your expertise, present your products … Depending on the established strategy, you can define the main message of your content. It is also necessary to define your target audience. Indeed, the content will be different if you are addressing a BtoC or BtoB audience. The tone of the information may also vary depending on your audience. Some marketing tools can help you answer the question “Who is my target audience?”,


Such as the Buyer personas for example in order to have a fictitious representation of your ideal client. To achieve this, you have to analyze your audiences or, of course, your existing customers. CREATE AN EDITORIAL CALENDAR The editorial calendar is an essential tool in a good content marketing strategy. By publishing regularly, it allows you to view all the content produced and those to come. You can thus monitor your strategy and vary the themes of your content. CREATE ATTRACTIVE AND DIFFERENTIATING CONTENT 70% of consumers prefer to discover a brand through original and creative content (Source: Axonn Media).


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It is necessary to offer your audience content that corresponds to your area of ​​expertise. Find attractive and differentiating topics from your competitors, which will interest your audience, defined upstream of your strategy. OPTIMIZING YOUR CONTENT FOR NATURAL REFERENCING (SEO) In order to increase your visibility and for your content to appear in the first results on search engines, it is important to optimize your content for natural referencing. SEO allows you to have a real impact on your content marketing strategy. SEO and content marketing are two complementary web marketing levers, which work perfectly together.

To optimize your content, simple but important things must be put in place: Include specific keywords in the content that will bring traffic (with a link on the key phrase); Include the keyword (s) chosen in the title of the page and / or in the URL Prioritize content with Hn tags Add ALT attributes to images Content marketing can also make your SEO easier with the link building strategy. The content that you publish on your site gives you the opportunity to integrate links in a natural way.

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