Who knows, RUMAG can take Benin Phone Number advantage of this, so that the company can find itself faster around 12:01 on the reputation clock. 1. Don’t get angry Being angry doesn’t solve anything. It is not worth it. When you get angry, you appear defensive. You overreact and quickly make (unnecessary) mistakes. Don’t yell at reporters for Benin Phone Number doing their job – it won’t get you anything except bad publicity. Accept that you are in the dark. 2. Sit still when you’re being shaved In a crisis (after 6 am) you feel that you have to do something . Zamost states: sometimes doing nothing is also doing something.

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Dutch communication sayings are: those who are shaved must stop. Or: don’t rub a stain. Zamost advises not to come up with the ‘turnaround’ story too quickly, even if you see the opportunity to do so. Existing frames create a framework in which new Benin Phone Number reporting is nevertheless given a negative charge. 3. Be humble No company is perfect. Managers make mistakes. It’s okay to admit those mistakes. Humility reduces the chance that you will remain a target of the press for longer.

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Peace You Experience

What would you have done differently? What did you learn? How will you put those lessons into practice? A reasonable response to a justified allegation also ensures that your brand remains more credible for a long time. RUMAG is succeeding in doing so better nowadays, as recently with Radio 2 , than in the first period after the media riot – as in this weak interview in the AD . 4. Focus on customers and the team Many leading companies have been doomed at some point. Facebook, Google and Tesla could not deliver on their promise – at least, according to the press.

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