Non-verbal communication is a lot Malaysia Phone Number more difficult , because you can’t see the whole body moving. But the video calls ensure that you get a film-worthy ‘close-up shot’ from all the other participants. Zoom and Malaysia Phone Number resting bitch face. Many people suffer from the resting bitch face , a facial expression that makes you look angry, annoyed or bored, while the muscles in your face are just resting. In an Malaysia Phone Number analysis of 60 video calls for a recent training, I saw that 85% of the participants suffered.

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Make sure to smile As a participant or presenter, it is therefore really important to take a good look at your appearance. That starts with a smile. According to Dale Carnegie of the world-famous book How to Win Friends and Influence People (affiliate), this ensures that you make people feel that you are happy to see them. Something that they will automatically get from you. Just before the video call, think about the smile to start off right.

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I see many people simply stick a post-it with a smiley on or next to the screen as a reminder. I always have a photo of a nice trip ready. Models yell “cool” three times in a row before hitting the catwalk. “ If they laugh, they listen ”, so try to use humor too, without telling a joke. Humor, which again conjures up a glow on the listener’s face. It is not only more pleasant for the public to listen to, research shows that the message also comes across better and stays with.

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