For example, Vonq took over the multi-poster Peru Phone Number Ingoedebanen. Mysolution acquired recruitment software company OTYS. Eiffel takes over Paladio. Parallel was bought by the Gilde Group. And 8Vance took over Peru Phone Number Gini recruit. And lastly, RecruitmentMatters presented last week that you can buy-in on Indeed (if you’re an institutional investor with a good chunk of yen in your pocket). 2. Technique Apply with WhatsApp I Peru Phone Number think I’ve been writing about this for two years or more now. Long story short: applying via WhatsApp is becoming more common.

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And logical, because we all know it by now: more than 12 million Dutch people have WhatsApp on their phone. Message to every online recruitment marketer: make good use of it. 3. Marketing Google for Jobs Google for Jobs went live . After Peru Phone Number years of waiting, it was finally there in our own cold little country. And that was a ‘thing’, because even our agency was interviewed by RTL Z about this new phenomenon. All the other job boards still exist, but I do think that Google for Jobs is here to stay . The tech is not always perfect right away, but we are becoming more and more accustomed to this image when entering a vacancy search in the world’s major search engine.

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Collaboration Peru Phone Number Effective

Google for jobs screenshot.So, that secret is also out of the closet. If I can’t get by with online recruitment anymore, you now know what I’m going to apply for. Anyway, Google’s algorithm learns quickly. And soon we will no longer be talking about Peru Phone Number Google for Jobs indexation, but Google for Jobs optimization. Because the job search engine is growing fast. With regard to Google, 2021 will be very exciting (as far as the jobs part) because, the Peru Phone Number more space they get in the European job market, the more impact they will make on the existing online recruitment giants.

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