Products that appear in series, cars used in movies, various services used in soap operas, brands that sponsor competitions in reality shows… All are examples of advertising, but they are inserted in a context that is unlikely to be disliked by consumers. Users. You do not agree?Through the structured data of recipes in. Google, users can find useful information about the recipes that interest them. But, one point about it has changed in the google documentation. Recipe website owners will now have to update their content to continue getting search engine results.

Ivan desouza
Jan 26 | 3 min read
Google recipes

When we decide to search for a

recipe on the internet and. Do a query on google, we instantly see results that tell us what ingredients we will have to use, as well as the time it takes to prepare it, right?

Well, last week google announced a little change that recipe websites will Denmark WhatsApp Number List have to follow. Although it will not affect the user experience as much, it will be very important for page owners who want to improve their seo .

Are you interested in knowing what this change

Denmark WhatsApp Number List

consists of? So, keep reading this article about recipe structured data on google !

First of all, what is structured data?
In order for google to understand the purpose of each content published on a website, they must be well structured. Therefore, we can define the concept of structured data as the way. In which a web page informs and classifies its contents.

For example: after performing a google search for a recipe, the user will be able to find important information in the results .

Let’s see an example below!

As you can see, the serp immediately shows us some. Of the ingredients and the preparation time of each recipe. This is because those sites use structured data.

How did google recipes structured data work previously?
Every time someone posted a new recipe on a website, they had to specify the cooking time and the prep time.

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