Thank you for that. The book? Excellently Saudi Arabia Phone Number written Guard. Wasn’t this a book review? Indeed, I have digressed. But that’s simply because of the following: The book Changing for Lazy People is an exquisitely written, humorous, yet profound book. There is little to note. The writers keep it short and sweet and Saudi Arabia Phone Number therefore connect well with the target group. They exchange manageable scientific knowledge and catchy examples are skilfully alternated. Good luck with your next change process! you got this. zone of genius . And yet there is something that stops you from showing what you have in store.

We Promise Something We Want

What that something is? You suffer Saudi Arabia Phone Number from the widespread phenomenon called the upper limit problem . What is meant by the upper limit problem and how to get rid of it, writer Gay Hendricks explains in detail in his The big leap – Conquer your hidden fear and take life to the next level (affiliate). The problem of an Saudi Arabia Phone Number incorrectly set thermostat Are you aware that you can sabotage yourself enormously in achieving success, in using your full potential and thus living in your zone of genius? You have set an upper limit for yourself in terms of prosperity, wealth, success, happiness, et cetera.

Saudi Arabia Phone Number

Something We Want

A kind of inner thermostat that sends off a signal as soon as you experience more of those nice feelings than you had set for yourself. Then you automatically do something that makes that good feeling disappear. You are sabotaging yourself, as it were, by breaking the positive flow of energy. So you upper limit yourself. This is how you spot your upper limits in everyday life We as humans have a number of typical ways to upper limit ourselves, ways in which we quickly shrink our good feeling.

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