Put on your monday clothes
There is nothing more comfortable than an oversized shirt. And baggy pants. They are comfortable garments, a hug for your body after a long day. If you have free time, they become your weekend loungewear and are a great escape from having to dress up for the social world.

The first weeks of the pandemic were a pleasure. Every set of lounge wear had a test, but two years later, our stiff professional wear is watching us, wondering when we’ll be back.

As nice as loungewear is, accepting it as a long-term style can take a toll on your creative self-esteem.

A cozy bed and comfortable clothing will make your body feel like it’s at rest, not at work. This Bahrain WhatsApp Number List makes feeling productive, producing content , and getting your creative energies flowing more challenging than ever before.


The article enclothed cognition , published in the journal of .

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Experimental social psychology , details how wearing the right clothes affects some professionals.

This experiment found that doctors who wore their lab coats performed with greater attention to detail than those who did not. Additionally, when presented with two coats labeled “Doctor’s” and “Painter’s,” those wearing the doctor’s coat projected greater confidence than those wearing a painter’s coat.

This means that clothes can affect our daily productivity, not only in style, but also in what they mean to us, or how we choose to label them.

Your clothes to be at home are clothes to relax, not to work. So if you want to be productive, choosing work attire that excites you is essential, even at home.

Consider buying a new work-specific outfit that makes it easier for you to move around while also being dressier than casual wear.

Name it your power outfit, body armor, or any title that evokes a sense of fiery passion. Use it when you work from home. Put on the suit and include a fancy watch if you want.

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